13 Photos of Disney Latte Art That Have Us Craving a Park Visit

disney latte art
Image source: Harumi Sh. | Oh My Disney | Disney Family

Some of our favorite things are Disney and a nice cup of coffee. Put them together and it’s pure magic! We’ve scoured the web and found some incredible Disney latte art that has us craving a trip to the Parks with our family—and a delicious cup of joe in hand.

Scroll through for some works of (latte) art—and even a tutorial or two to make hot cocoa art for your little one!

mickey andminnie latte art
Image source: Disney.Darlin

Mickey & Minnie Latte Art

Our favorite Disney couple etched into our drink? What more could we ask for?! Mickey and Minnie look super cute snuggling up in this coffee cup.

coco latte art
Image source: Oh My Disney

Coco Latte Art

This epic latte art pays tribute to one of the most heartwarming characters from Disney•Pixar’s Coco.

winnie the pooh and piglet latte
Image source: Harumi Sh.

Winnie the Pooh & Piglet Latte Art

There is no sweeter friendship than that of Pooh and Piglet. We’re all for taking a trip to the Hundred Acre Wood with this latte in hand.

moana latte art
Image source: Disney Family

Moana Hot Cocoa Art

Want to make a Disney-inspired drink for the whole family to enjoy? This simple DIY uses a Moana-themed template to help you create hot cocoa art for your little one to enjoy too. You can also substitute with coffee for the adults.

simba latte art
Image source: Oh My Disney

Simba Latte Art

Look into this fun latte and you’ll find Simba happily smiling back at you. How ext-roar-dinary!

stitch latte art
Image source: Harumi Sh.

Stitch Latte Art

Take your taste buds on a Hawaiian roller coaster ride with this Stitch latte art! Created in a small coffee shop in Kamakura, Japan, this creative coffee is certainly impressive.

winnie the pooh
Image source: Elise Apffel | Disney Family

Winnie the Pooh Hot Cocoa Art

For another kid-friendly option, give a hot cocoa a Winnie the Pooh twist with an adorable pumpkin pie or cinnamon spice stencil of Pooh in a “hunny” pot mug! Making this is no bother at all.

little mermaid latte art
Image source: Oh My Disney

Ariel Latte Art

This Little Mermaid latte art sure is neat! The Ariel-themed treat can’t be beat.

flounder latte art
Image source: Patakas Panos

Flounder Latte Art

Ariel’s companion is one of our favorite Disney sidekicks, so who better to feature on a work of latte art?

jack skellington latte art
Image source: Oh My Disney

Jack Skellington Latte Art

What’s this? Spooktacular Jack Skellington-themed coffee! No matter the season, we would be happy to indulge in this fun latte.

latte art
Image source: Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Co.

Donald & Goofy Latte Art

To make your trip to Walt Disney World extra special, you can pick up one of these beautiful Disney lattes decorated with Donald Duck and Goofy. Just head over to Joffrey’s Coffee!

winnie the pooh latte art
Image source: Marjorie Laroco

Winnie the Pooh Latte Art

This silly old bear brings a smile to our face in latte form. Winnie the Pooh has never looked so cute.

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