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5 SUPER Expensive Disney World Snacks That Are Totally Worth the Bread!

Hey, everybody! We’re feeling EXTRA fancy today which can only mean one thing!

It’s Mickey!

It’s time to fork over some money on our top five favorite high-dollar snacks at Disney World! Don’t worry — most of these pricier Disney World treats barely top out at ten bucks, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still super-indulgent!

Be forewarned — if you’re on a Disney Dining Plan, NONE of these goodies will be an option for you to use your snack credits on (click here to see some that ARE!). Of course, you can still enjoy ALL of these extravagant treats — you’ll just have to pay for them out of pocket instead! Time to get rollin’!

Spring Rolls at the Spring Roll Cart in Adventureland

Our first stop is one of our most beloved places to visit at Magic Kingdom, especially earlier in the day! That’s when Adventureland’s Spring Roll Cart is still well-stocked and usually has the best selection of delicious spring rolls flavors before they begin to sell out!

Spring Roll Cart

Yes, sadly the secret is out about the Spring Roll Cart and once a flavor is gone, it typically isn’t replenished until the next day. But here’s the real kicker — you get two hefty-sized spring rolls for $7.50 — that means each spring rolls is $3.75 a piece!

Spring Roll Cart’s Menu

Oh, but it’s soooo mouth-wateringly worth it! With flavors like Pepperoni Pizza, Philly Cheesesteak, Rueben, Cuban, and Cheeseburger, you can enjoy a new spring roll flavor every time you swing by!

Pepperoni Pizza Spring Roll

If there’s one snack in Magic Kingdom worth shelling out your hard-earned dough for, this might be it! These little rolls of deliciousness have yet to disappoint us!!

Read our review of the Pepperoni Pizza Spring Roll here!

Colossal Pretzel at Pongu Pongu

Most of us have seen the Colossal Cinnamon Roll lurking in the jungle at Disney’s Animal Kingdom before, but did you know they also have a Colossal Pretzel?!? This park is absolutely WILD about its colossal-sized snacks!

Colossal Pretzel

Sadly, the Colossal Pretzel isn’t shaped like Mickey’s head like his brother the Colossal Cinnamon Roll but it IS almost the size of OUR head! Better yet, Pongu Pongu serves the Colossal Pretzel with a generous helping of creamy, rich Beer Cheese Sauce! There isn’t anything in our lives that isn’t enhanced with melty liquid BEER CHEESE!

Colossal Pretzel with Beer Cheese

Note that this guy isn’t available all day — if you swing by first thing in the morning while they’re still serving breakfast they may not be ready yet, so shoot to grab one around lunchtime or later. This thing is massively sharable (but you totes don’t have to!) and seriously one of the best pretzels we’ve ever had at Disney World. You’re looking at a total cost of $10.49 for this Bavarian-style bad boy!

Read more about the Colossal Pretzel at Pandora HERE!

California Cheese and Charcuterie Plate at BaseLine Tap House

We didn’t know what to think when this trendy, quasi-industrial lounge replaced our sweet little Writer’s Stop a few years ago (much to our relief the Carrot Cake Cookie was spared and is now available at Trolley Car Cafe!).

BaseLine Tap House

But in all honesty, BaseLine Tap House has become one of our new favorite hangouts at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! And judging by how there’s rarely a seat available on its huge outdoor patio these days, it appears a lot of folks feel the same way.

BaseLine Tap House

If you love a good cheese board, you’d be hard-pressed to find one better than BaseLine’s! Theirs includes Toma Farmstead Cheese, Point Reyes Original Blue Cheese, Laura Chenel’s Sonoma Goat Cheese, Chorizo and Calabrese Salami, Cornichons, Grapes, and Toasted Baguette, all for $10!

Charcuterie Board

We happen to think it pairs great with a beer flight for $12! You get to sample four Californian craft beers. Might as well as throw in one of their Bavarian Pretzels for $9, too (here we go again with the cheese sauce!?).

Beer Flight and Bavarian Pretzel

You can have yourself a cheese and bread feast at BaseLine — if you’ve got the DOUGH!

Read our full review of Baseline Tap House’s sips and eats HERE!

Empanadas de Barbacoa at Choza de Margarita 

Now we’re heading over to Epcot’s World Showcase to enjoy some of Choza de Margarita’s delicious Empanadas de Barbacoa! These fried doughy delights are filled with shredded Barbacoa Beef and topped with Chipotle Sauce, Crema Mexicana, and Queso Fresco! It even comes with a side of Corn Esquites dusted with some chili-lime salt! YUMMY!

Empanada de Barbacoa

For $10.50, it’s more in the price range of an affordable meal at Disney World, but we don’t mind the upcharge when confronted with this much deliciousness! Just be careful — they go down REALLY fast! Especially if you’re enjoying them with one of Choza de Margarita’s signature cocktails such as the Smoky Pineapple for $15.50 made with Mezcal Ilegal Blanco, Pineapple-Ginger Juice, Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur and a Tajin Chile-Lime Powdered Rim or their super-colorful Fiesta Marg for $12.75!

Fiesta Margarita

Learn more about the Fiesta Marg at Choza de Margarita here!

We’ve been known to get a little carried away and have to cough up another $10.50 for another round of Empanadas because we ate the first batch so quickly! Whoops!

Check out some of the other menu offerings to pair with the Empanadas at Choza de Margarita here!

Beef Brisket Poutine at Refreshment Port

Our last stop brings us to Refreshment Port which is also located in Epcot. Here is where you’ll find the Beef Brisket Poutine for $9.50!

Beef Brisket Poutine

 What’s not to love about crispy golden-brown Fries covered in pulled brisket, smothered in a bath of Beer Cheese Sauce, and topped with Crispy Onions? Of course, if you’re a Poutine Purist, you can get the Traditional Poutine for $7.50 which comes with French Fries, Beef Gravy, and Cheese Curds!

Traditional Poutine

Occasionally, you’ll even find a new Poutine moonlighting at Refreshment Port like this Duck Confit Poutine they rolled out at Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival last year. We sure hope it quacks its way back to this year’s fest! 

Duck Confit Poutine

Of course, Disney World is home to several equally-stellar Poutines which you can read more about here! There’s no shortage of french fries covered with goodies in Disney World!

Read about the Duck Confit Poutine Refreshment Port recently had here!

Now that we got you thinking about some epic higher-end snacks, it’s time to start saving up! Lucky for you, most of these treats won’t break the bank TOO badly! ?

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Which of these more expensive snacks are you the most excited about? Let us know in the comments below!

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