8 BIG Tips for Wearing a Mask in a Disney World Theme Park

Now that Disney World has reopened, we’ve been combing through the parks to collect all the brand new tips you need to know!

8 BIG Tips for Wearing a Mask in a Disney World Theme Park

Magic Kingdom

In order to enter the parks, all guests ages two and older are required to wear an appropriate face covering. So, since nearly everyone who enters Disney World will need to wear a face mask, we figured this is a pretty important topic to cover!

And while wearing a face mask in Disney World definitely takes some getting used to, it’s not unbearable — especially if you do it right! So, here are our top tips for wearing a face mask in the parks!

Bring Several Different Types of Masks

We’ve found that it’s important to have extra masks for each day — between the rain, humidity, and sweat, ours always seem to end up wet after a few hours! But we’ve also found that it’s helpful to have several different KINDS of masks — meaning different style, material, and fit!

8 BIG Tips for Wearing a Mask in a Disney World Theme Park

Rainbow Mickey Face Mask

That way, if one particular type of mask starts to rub in an uncomfortable way, we can swap it out with a completely different mask that fits different. In fact, we’ve even found it helpful to change into a new mask mid-day, regardless of whether our first mask has started to feel worn-in!

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Mask Thickness and Material Make a Difference for Comfort

We’ve worn a wide variety of masks around Disney World, and we’ve found certain materials are more comfortable for us. But this largely seems to be a matter of personal preference, so we suggest trying out masks made of different materials to see what you find most comfortable!

8 BIG Tips for Wearing a Mask in a Disney World Theme Park

Face Masks at Disney Springs

It’s helpful to test out your masks before your vacation so you can get a feel for how they will wear after spending some significant time in them. Try to go for a walk outside to see how comfortable they are while you’re active!

Here are three things that surprised us at the Disney World Annual Passholder preview!

If You Have Long Hair, Bring Clips to Secure Your Mask on Thrill Rides

This tip won’t work for everyone, but if you do have long hair, this can be super helpful! If you’re worried about losing your mask on one of the high-speed thrill rides, pack hair clips to secure the ear loops of your mask to your hair!

8 BIG Tips for Wearing a Mask in a Disney World Theme Park

Expedition Everest

We tested this out on Expedition Everest, and it worked like a charm — even when the coaster zipped backward through the mountain!

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Plan a Sit-Down Meal Mid-Day

Guests are required to wear masks in the parks at all times — except when eating or drinking. Guests may remove their masks when seated at a restaurant, as long as they remain at their table.

8 BIG Tips for Wearing a Mask in a Disney World Theme Park

Be Our Guest Restaurant

By planning a sit-down meal mid-day, you can create a built-in break for your family where you can get out of the heat, remove your masks, and relax.

These are the restaurants that are reopening with each of the Disney World parks!

Find Out Where the Relaxation Stations Are Located

So, what happens if you REALLY need a break outside of mealtime? Guests will find “relaxation stations” at each of the parks. These are designated areas where guests can remove their masks while maintaining distance from other parties. These spots can be a HUGE help for giving the kiddos (or you!) a much-needed break!

8 BIG Tips for Wearing a Mask in a Disney World Theme Park

Relaxation Zone in Magic Kingdom

Find out where the relaxation stations are located in the park you’re visiting so you know where you can go if you need to spend a few minutes without your mask!

Here’s where the “relaxation stations” are located in the reopened Disney World parks!

Take Care of Your Lips!

While wearing a mask in Disney World, we’ve found that our lips tend to get chapped pretty quickly. So, be sure to pack lip balm in your park bag! And if you wear makeup, you’ll also want to bring lipstick and a compact for touch-ups!

8 BIG Tips for Wearing a Mask in a Disney World Theme Park

We Stash a Compact and Lipstick in Our Park Bag!

So, even if these aren’t items that previously made their way into your park bag, we’d suggest adding them on your next trip!

You won’t believe how low the wait times were on Animal Kingdom’s reopening day!

Make Sure You’re Drinking Plenty of Water

With the heat, humidity, and amount of walking involved in a trip to Disney World, dehydration can sneak up on you fast! And even though guests are allowed to move their masks to take a drink, we’ve found that we’ve been drinking water less frequently while wearing our masks.

8 BIG Tips for Wearing a Mask in a Disney World Theme Park

Free Cups of Water

We were pretty surprised at how easily we just forgot our normal water breaks with our mask on! So, make sure you’re staying hydrated and drinking enough water in the parks! You might even want to set an alarm on your watch or phone as a reminder to stop and take a sip!

Here’s how you can get water in the reopened Disney World parks!

Be Diligent About Applying Sunscreen to Your Face!

Just like staying hydrated, protecting your skin is always important. Make sure you don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your face just because you’re wearing a mask! We opt for a sunscreen with a high SPF for extra protection!

8 BIG Tips for Wearing a Mask in a Disney World Theme Park

Cast Members

And reapplying throughout the day is also important — trust us, we’ve ended up with some interesting face mask tan lines!

Most people who are booking their Disney World trips right now don’t know THIS!

So, while wearing a face mask in Disney World is definitely a different experience than we’re used to, we’ve found ways to make it easier for ourselves! We hope these tips are helpful to you on your next trip to the parks!

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Have you been back to Disney World since the reopening? Share your face mask tips in the comments!

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