Disney in a Minute: What is a Split Stay?

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What is a Split Stay?

Disney in a Minute: What is a Split Stay?

“Split Stay” is Disney-speak that means staying in two or more different hotels during one vacation. More than other vacation destinations, breaking your Disney visit into two hotel locations is relatively common.

Walt Disney World is so vast, with so many accommodation options, that making a final decision about where to stay can be quite a task. Some folks find the decision so challenging that they skip making a final call altogether and instead decide to divide their stay between two or more hotels.

There are a number of reasons why you might consider bunking at two or more hotels during your Disney World visit:

  • Availability. You may have your heart set on a particular hotel, but rooms there are not available for your entire vacation.
  • Budgetary constraints. You have deluxe tastes, but not a deluxe wallet. You can satisfy both needs by staying at one more and one less expensive hotel during your trip.
  • Attractiveness of multiple hotels. You may simply like the location or amenities of more than one hotel. You can sample them all with a split stay.
  • Proximity to attractions. It can be much easier to get to an early opening at Hollywood Studios if you’re staying at one of the hotels that’s walkable from that park. Similarly, any of the hotels on the monorail line provide easy access to Magic Kingdom. A hotel switch can help you from a pure convenience standpoint.
  • Change in your party composition. If part of your vacation is alone and part is with the in-laws, you may have different resort priorities for each leg of the trip.
  • Arrival/departure time. If you’re arriving at WDW late at night, you can economize a bit, by staying at a lesser resort for your first “sleep only” night.
  • Business at one hotel, vacation at another. Some guests may arrive at WDW for a conference, wedding, or other programed event, but stay on longer for vacation time. Different hotels may suit these different purposes.

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