Disney in a Minute: What is the Hub?

We’re here with a series of quick posts, “Disney in a Minute,” bite-sized nuggets of information that can better help you understand a Disney term or planning topic. Enjoy!

What is the Hub?

“The Hub” is one of those phrases that Disney aficionados throw around with ease, but might be confusing to the uninitiated. In Disney parlance, there are two common uses of this phrase.

For most guests, “The Hub” is the central circle at Magic Kingdom, comprising the area in front of Cinderella Castle, the popcorn carts, and the grassy fireworks viewing area. Basically it’s the middle of Magic Kingdom that’s not really part of any of the lands.

Disney in a Minute: What is the Hub?
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You could use it in a sentence like, “Meet me at the Hub in 20 minutes and we’ll grab a spot for the castle show.” Or, “The new Minnie popcorn bucket is available at the cart on the right side of the Hub.”

Another variation of this is the term “Hub Grass.” Hub grass is the grassy zone near the Casey’s Corner and Plaza restaurant outdoor seating areas. The Hub grass area might be reserved for events, but when the gates are open, anyone can use the Hub grass as a place to relax, have a snack, let the kiddos run around, or even grab a quick nap. The Hub grass has a mini cult following. Disney recently offered a tee shirt that said “Hub Grass is My Favorite Color.” Etsy sellers have also capitalized on this phrase.

Disney in a Minute: What is the Hub?
Hub Grass
Disney in a Minute: What is the Hub?
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The second use of the phrase “The Hub” is just for cast members (Disney employees). The Hub is the name of the internal online portal. Cast members use it to see their schedule, learn about policies, read news about the company, get weather updates for the parks, and much more. This Hub is only for folks who work for Mickey and is not available to guests.

While at Disney World, I have also heard people use “the hub” as a quick way to refer to their husband, but that’s not specifically Disney lingo.

Let us know what Disney topics you think need just a bit more explanation.

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