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DIY Disney: Bring the Disney Parks Home With This “it’s a small world” Craft!

Does anyone else get the “it’s a small world” theme song stuck in their heads from just reading the name??

it’s a small world

And now, you can bring some of that “world of laughter” into your home with a new Disney DIY project!

You can make the “hello” and “goodbye” signs from the attraction to put in your flower pots or vases around the house thanks to Disney Family!


And, oh my goodness, they are so CUTE!!

What You’ll Need

  • 4–5-inch wooden cutouts, in circles or hearts
  • 12-inch wooden dowels, for the flower stems
  • Basswood sheets, thin enough to be cut with scissors
  • Acrylic paint, in solid or glitter colors
  • Paintbrushes
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Letter stickers or paint markers (optional)
  • Hot glue


How To Make Them

Paint the wooden cutouts and wooden dowels with a base coat of acrylic paint in colors that match the flower or heart signs from “it’s a small world.” Allow to dry completely. For any shapes that are not found already pre-cut (like petals, leaves, or small dots), the desired shape can be drawn onto thin basswood sheets and cut out with scissors.


Small dots can be punched out from the wood sheet using a hole punch. Paint any basswood cutouts with a base coat of the acrylic paint. Allow to dry completely. If more details are needed, use fine-tipped paintbrushes to add details atop the base coat of paint.


If you’re using letter stickers, paint them with acrylic paint in colors that match the signs from “it’s a small world.” Paint markers can also be used to write out any script.


Add any final paint details with a fine-tipped paintbrush. Hot glue the finished wood pieces together to create mini versions of the iconic flower, heart, or leaf signs.


And, there you have it, friends! “There’s so much that we share,” and we’re glad that we could share this adorable Disney DIY with you! Be sure to tag us on social media if you make the “it’s a small world” Flower Pot Stakes so we can see your creativity!

Find out some other strange AND fun ways that you can Disney DIY at home here!

What is your favorite scene on it’s a small world? Let us know in the comments below!

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