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Do You Think These Disney Snacks Are Missing Us, Too? Another Peek Inside Disney World’s Closure Diary

In a world where nothing really jives anymore, we thought it might be fun to give a voice to some of our favorite Disney attractions and take a look at what they’ve been up to while the people have been away. Some thought we’d truly come unglued when we lamented on behalf of the PeopleMover’s inability to MOVE around PEOPLE while the parks are closed.

Mickey Pretzel

And we thought to ourselves — what better way to confirm we’ve officially entered into the realm of true madness than by doing it once again, but this time from the perspective of our favorite Disney World snacks!

Let’s all pretend snacks have feelings (or at least have hands and an implement to write with) and delve into the wacky thoughts of what some of these foods are probably thinking right now!

Diary of Pongu Lumpia at Pongu Pongu

What up, guys?! Gee, I knew I wasn’t the MOST popular treat in town, but I never suspected I would have scared ALL the people away! I’d be crying right now — if I had EYES!

Sad and Anxiety-Riddled Pongu Lumpia

Where’d everybody GO???

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Actually, I can tell the Night Blossom is getting a little annoyed with me. He keeps going on these “long walks” and I can hear him whispering to the Colossal Pretzel about something at night — probably ME! Sorry buddy, we can’t ALL be Mr. Fabulous like you over there with all your fancy colors!

Night Blossom at Pongu Pongu is Throwing Some Shade!

As if that guy and his Beer Cheese Sauce could TAKE UP any more space in here!? There’s only so much room to move around at Pongu Pongu, and it’s getting a little dicey in here!

Find out more details about the Insta-worthy Night Blossom here!

Diary of a Premium Mickey Ice Cream Bar at Various Locations

Don’t mean to brag, but I’ve stained so many shirts in my day, it’s nice to catch a little breather right now!

Premium Mickey Ice Cream Bar Lookin’ to Start Some Trouble

Actually, it has been so long, I’ve almost forgotten the wonderful sensation of drip, drip, DRIPPING on peoples’ clothes! I’m just sitting here cold…in the dark…waiting to drip again. I bet there are plenty of new tops coming my way soon — looking forward to staining all of you REAL SOON!

Click here to learn more about the Mickey Premium Bar!

Diary of Caramel Popcorn at Big Top Treats

Dear Diary,

What’s poppin’?? Oh, That’s right…NOT ME.

Caramel Popcorn from Karamell Küche

Like sands through the hourglass, I grow staler with each passing minute. Somebody, please! Come and EAT ME!!

Diary of Lunch Box Tart at Woody’s Lunch Box

Got invited to do a hot yoga sesh with some of the Mickey Pretzels today, but I quickly found out my pastry square body doesn’t quite bend that way!

Lemon Blueberry Lunch Box Tart is Feeling a Little Stiff

The Churros reassured me they’re having trouble with the twistier poses too. Guess I’ll just be pounding the books instead to pass my Final Astronaut Engineering Exams! Oops, gotta run! I’m late for a Zoom call with Buzz Lightyear right now!

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Diary of Kakamora Float at Aloha Isle

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling a little blue these days. Why did the parks have to close down right at the height of my new-found popularity?! I was SO POPULAR! I hope people remember how awesome I am when they start coming back!

Kakamora Float Can’t Wait to Reclaim Its Former Glory!

My roommate snack, Pineapple Dole Whip, is so upbeat and positive about EVERYTHING — like THAT dude has anything to worry about! He ALWAYS gets voted “most popular.”

Learn why we heart the new Kakamora Float more than it will ever know here!

Diary of Mickey Beignets at Scat Cat’s Club Cafe

Why is it we can’t seem to even get out of bed anymore? We just lay here, all snuggly and cozy in our blanket of powdered sugar day in and day out!

Lazy Mickey-Shaped Beignets

We thought about making a crazy TikTok dance video or something. You know, something a little more constructive with our time, but it’s so hard to get UPPPPPPP! Plus think of the cloud of sugary mess. Ugh, not worth it.

Check out our full Boozy Beignet review here! 

Diary of a Turkey Leg at Various Locations

What’s happened to ME?!! It’s like one day I was at the top of my game, riding high on the hog (err…bird?), and then the next day the parks closed and now people suddenly realized they DON’T ACTUALLY LIKE ME?!?!

Jumbo Turkey Leg Feeling a Little Unpopular

What did I do to deserve this??? I’m ICONIC…I’m LEGENDARY…I’M JUMBO TURKEY LEG! REMEMBER MY NAMEEE! Do you think people want to walk around eating a jumbo cone of ice cream or a jumbo-sized churro? Yuck. Everyone knows pounds of smoked bird meat is WHERE. IT’S. AT.

Diary of No Way Jose Sundae at Beaches and Cream

I’ve been trying to get the scoop on when Beaches and Cream will be reopening, but so far, it’s been pretty chill here.

No Way Jose Sundae at Beaches and Cream Is Touch-Deprived

Those empty Kitchen Sink bowls sound REAL lonely. Maybe I should say hi? I guess I’ll just keep swimming in my peanut buttery puddle and covering myself in whipped cream until somebody remembers I’m in here!

Check out what the newly-remodeled Beaches and Cream looks like here!

Diary of Corn Dog Nuggets at Casey’s Corner

Thank goodness some sweet angel baby Cast Member gave us the operating instructions for the Cheese Sauce Warmer!

Corn Dog Nuggets

We’ve just been hanging out in our Plastic Cheese Jacuzzi every day! This is the BEST Disney World vacation we’ve ever had! We hope those humans never come back to eat us! We’re gonna live FOREVER!

Click here to learn more about the Corn Dog Nugget’s natural BFF, Plastic Cheese!

Well, much to our relief, it looks like most of the snacks are doing just fine at Disney World without us there! Even still, they can’t wait to see us all again soon, and WE can’t wait to EAT them!! We’ll be back soon, our little pretties!

Which Disney snack food are you the most exciting about getting when the parks reopen? Let us know in the comments below!

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