Even More Vintage 90s Disney Magazine Ads!

Even More Vintage 90s Disney Magazine Ads!

I’m back with another round of vintage Disney News Magazine ads, fresh from the scanner. These ads all come from various Disney News Magazines from the 90s and they all feature some sort of outdated font or vibrant colors. Who could ask for anything more!?

Even More Vintage 90s Disney Magazine Ads!

Imagine walking on to a plane and the first thing you see is… those gigantic four course meals that people are eating. Wow, look at all that food. On an airplane?!? Slightly less strange is Mickey and Minnie sitting in first class. Notice Mickey has generously given Minnie the window seat. I’d love to be the dude sitting behind them and eavesdrop on their conversation the entire flight.

Even More Vintage 90s Disney Magazine Ads!

I love seeing stuff from the early years of Disney’s Pleasure Island over at Walt Disney World. I was not old enough to partake in the heyday of Pleasure Island, and night clubs are unappealing to me, but putting a Disney twist on them sounds like something I would have been really into. A club where people roller skate? A club with animatronics and improv comedy? New Year’s Eve fireworks every night? Sign me up. Even though Pleasure Island is fondly remembered by many I think it’s safe to call the concept a failure as it originally opened, with many of the original clubs and ideas being changed out in a short amount of time. But wow, was it all ambitious, and the people who loved Pleasure Island REALLY loved Pleasure Island.

Even More Vintage 90s Disney Magazine Ads! The Magic Kingdom Club was a big deal–at least to me as a kid growing up in Southern California in the 80s and 90s. It gave my family discounts at the Disney Store and on tickets and annual passes to Disneyland. More importantly we got a free subscription to Disney News Magazine! I read every issue cover to cover multiple times. It was the only way to get news on international Disney parks and obscure Disney facts before the internet came around. As far as I was concerned, Magic Kingdom Club was a necessity along with toys, video games, and oxygen.

Even More Vintage 90s Disney Magazine Ads! Keeping in the trend of things that were huge to Disney-obsessed kids in the 90s, Disney Sing-Along Songs tapes! These tapes were a fixture at birthday parties, sleepovers, afterschool hangouts, or really any other occasion where there were kids around.

Even More Vintage 90s Disney Magazine Ads! I’m still in shock by the downfall of the Disney Dollar. What were once a staple of birthday and Christmas gifts are now completely gone and forgotten. Can we all agree that Disney Dollars are better than actual money? Sure, Disney gift cards are more practical, but they’re also boring!

Do you have any memories you’d like to share about Disney Dollars, Pleasure Island, or Disney Sing-Along tapes? Let me know in the comments below.


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