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Guess What Epcot Update Just Hit the Disney World Website!

Do you ever have a nagging feeling that you’re forgetting something IMPORTANT like — oh say — a DATE?

Walt Disney World

With the big news that Disney World will be proposing its reopening plan tomorrow, we almost didn’t realize what TODAY IS!

Remember waaaay back before the Disney parks closed when Disney announced Spaceship Earth would be closing down to undergo a rather-lengthy refurb? Well, guess what, friends? That day is TODAY, May 26th!

Epcot’s Spaceship Earth

Learn more about Disney’s BIG CHANGES for Spaceship Earth here!

And rather sadly, when we checked Disney World’s website today, we couldn’t believe our EYES! After lots of rubbing, and maybe a few stray tears (it’s just our allergies acting up, we swear…) Disney has officially updated Spaceship Earth’s status as under refurbishmentSAY IT AIN’T SO!

Disney World’s Website

Read more about the Epcot Transformation here!

UGHHHH! We were soooo crossing our fingers hoping that Spaceship Earth might be SPARED! Or at least the refurb would be temporarily delayed so we’d have the chance to say goodbye to the version of Spaceship Earth we know and LOVE!

Disney World’s Website

Will we get the chance to say goodbye to Spaceship Earth? As of right now, it isn’t looking good!

Shout-out to our buddy @jim.disney on Instagram for pointing out this rather sobering bit of Disney news. We haven’t heard any official word from Disney regarding Spaceship Earth since the temporary closure, so maybe it’s just a computer thing?! We can still dream, right?!?!

Going Up!

We’ll let you know if we hear ANY more news the second we find out, but for now it seems like once Epcot reopens, Spaceship Earth might NOT!

Read about MORE construction projects at Disney World that could be affected by the temporary closure here!

Are you surprised to see Spaceship Earth’s refurb could be happening as planned? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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