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Hulu Is Getting a BIG Update to Look More Like Disney+!

We often find ourselves watching Hulu thanks to the selection of shows and movies, but we do think the platform could be easier to navigate.


Hulu’s navigation interface is on the challenging side. Unlike most other streaming services, it makes you scroll vertically through every category instead of horizontally. Well, good news! It looks like Hulu is getting an update — and it’s going to look a lot like Disney+.

According to Variety, Hulu is launching a new interface due to the fact that customers have had issues with the old one.


In the new interface, users can navigate through categories vertically and content horizontally instead of vice versa. That sounds familiar because that’s how pretty much every other major streaming service does things — including Disney+. We should also see a change in the way Hulu recommends content.

Major categories like Movies, TV Shows, and Sports will be moving to the main page for easier navigation, too. The update is meant to improve the Hulu experience and provide a more unified look for Disney’s streaming services (Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+).

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The new interface began rolling out to some Roku and Apple TV devices on May 20th and will continue to arrive on devices for the next two months on all platforms. We’re eager to see the new look!

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