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“Issues of Racial Disparity” Addressed By Disney Chairman Bob Iger in New Statement From The Walt Disney Company

In response to recent events, the Walt Disney Company has released a statement addressing their approach and stance on “issues of racial disparity.”

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Today, Walt Disney Company chairman Bob Iger tweeted about the statement, noting it was endorsed by himself, Disney CEO Bob Chapek, and Chief Diversity Officer Latondra Newton.

Below is a link to a statement we sent to our fellow @Disney employees. It’s from Bob Chapek, our CEO, Latondra Newton, our Chief Diversity Officer, and me.
Thank you.

— Robert Iger (@RobertIger) May 31, 2020

Walt Disney Company Chairman Bob Iger

In the statement, the company references recent events in Minneapolis as well as “other instances of lethal attacks and harassment of unarmed black citizens in our nation.”

The recent killing of George Floyd as well as other instances of lethal attacks and harassment of unarmed black citizens in our nation continue to drive outrage and calls for action by people of all cultural backgrounds, including many of our employees. Feelings of grief and anger cause us to confront the inscrutable idea that the lives of some are deemed less valuable – and less worthy of dignity, care and protection – than the lives of others.

The statement confirms the Walt Disney Company’s dedication to “fostering a culture that acknowledges our people’s feelings and their pain,” and notes that they will continue to “further strengthen our commitment to diversity and inclusion.”

In conclusion, the statement calls for honest discussion to activate change and seek solutions.

We intend to focus our efforts and resources to compassionately and constructively talk about these matters openly and honestly as we seek solutions. We intend to keep the conversation going, not just today, but for as long as it takes to bring about real change.

You can read the entire statement on the Walt Disney Company website here.

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