Looking for Healthful Snacks at Walt Disney World? Go to the Kids’ Menu

Fueling yourself with the right food and drinks can make your time at Walt Disney World more enjoyable. If you’re looking for healthful snacks for yourself or your kids, look to the kids’ menu at many counter service locations across Walt Disney World.

On the kids’ menu you can find the Kids’ Disney Check Meals, which indicate a meal put together to meet a variety of health and nutritional needs. One such meal, is actually a snack pack. Let’s face it, many kids prefer to snack than to eat a meal. The Kids’ Power Pack available at many counter service locations at Walt Disney World is great option for kids who want to snack throughout the day, and adults too. Some of the included items, like the Dannon Yogurt Smoothie need to be refrigerated or put in a cooler, but others can get in your backpack and go along with you throughout the day.

Kids’ Power Pack at Hollywood Studios

The Power Pack comes with Dannon Danimals Smoothie, Apple Wedges, Baby Carrots, Cheddar Crackers, Apple-Cinnamon Snack Bar, and Choice of Small Lowfat Milk or Dasani Water. Minute Maid Juice Box, Small Nesquick Chocolate Milk, or Cookie substituted upon request. It is $6.19 which isn’t too bad considering you get five snacks and a small beverage. It is also available through mobile ordering at participating locations.

Kids’ Power Pack at Hollywood Studios Mobile Order

If you’re looking for locations that offer the Power Pack, just head to our Menu Search on our website or the Lines app. There you can search for practically any food item you wish and our site will show which locations have that item on their menu. You don’t have to be a TouringPlans Subscriber to access it, but if you’d like to say “thank you” for the research we do and want access to all our tools then sign up.

What’s your favorite Disney snack?

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