Our 3 Favorite “Life in TouringPlans” Stories of 2020

Here at TouringPlans, we love our readers — and a lot of you love hearing all about us, too. This year, due to pandemic life, we had the rare opportunity to write up some posts to give glimpses into some of the unique people here at TouringPlans. We had a blast running the “What I Love…” series, with posts about some of our unique experiences at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and beyond. Derek and others got to share some of their purchases from the Outlet stores over the years. But there were three glimpses into the minds of some of our TouringPlans writers that really stuck out.

Erin’s Home Office

Our 3 Favorite “Life in TouringPlans” Stories of 2020

Erin mentioned once that she had a pretty sizable Vinylmation collection. I didn’t have any idea how sizable until she took some photos to share of her workspace. If that doesn’t shout Disney spirit, I don’t know what does! It was a lot of fun to get a tour of her home office — even virtually.

Guy’s Home Office

Our 3 Favorite “Life in TouringPlans” Stories of 2020

Not to be outdone, Guy provided the west coast experience with a tour of all the Disney memorabilia in his home office. It is so interesting to me to see what unique things people collect, and many other readers enjoyed this glimpse into the collection of a major Disney fan.

Erin’s Signature Dish

Our 3 Favorite “Life in TouringPlans” Stories of 2020

From where I sit at my desk, I can see no less than a dozen Disney cookbooks. Anyone who loves Disney and loves to cook probably has the same sort of ever-growing collection. Sometimes a recipe just “clicks” and that becomes the one that everyone wants you to make. This year, Erin shared her story about how she became the ultimate candy sushi-preparing mom in her area. Such a fun story about a very fun treat!

We were so grateful to be able to share a variety of personal stories this year as we all came together to work our way through what may be the most challenging year for so many people. Thanks for coming along for the ride, and we’re happy to keep sharing stories into 2021 and beyond!


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