REVIEW: Magic Kingdom Hand-Dipped Corn Dogs

Sleepy Hollow, the quick service restaurant in Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square, recently added hand-dipped corn dogs to their lunch and dinner menu.

Getting these delightful dogs is somewhat more challenging than you might like. Sleepy Hollow opens when the park does, serving eye-popping waffle-based sandwiches beginning at breakfast. Additionally, Sleepy Hollow is currently selling the popular Madame Leota collectible sipper cups. This all means that when the corn dogs become available at 11:00 a.m. (not before), there is likely to already be a significant line.

These corn dogs, priced at $10.99 plus tax, are served with house-made potato chips.

Let’s start with the disappointing part of the meal. The potato chips would have been a terrific accompaniment, had they been fresh. The taste was salt-forward, with a strong potato finish, not overwhelmed by oil. Unfortunately, they were more soggy than crisp, like they had been prepped the night before.

The corn dog itself was hefty – definitely enough for a full meal. The coating was like a slightly sweet corn muffin, with visible bits of real corn. The coating adhered well to the dog and did not fall off separately when biting. You get a full blend of dog and corn in each mouthful. The hot dog is firm and slightly salty, a wonderful foil for the sweet coating.

There are single-serve packets of condiments available. I’m a fan of having lots mustard with my corn dogs. The packets are small and somewhat difficult to open, so be sure to grab a handful if you want to dunk.

Overall, this is a significant improvement over the corn dog nuggets at the currently closed Casey’s Corner, but the line to get it may be off-putting to some. Still, for fans of corn dogs, it is great to have this option available at Walt Disney World.

Would you wait in line for one of these corn dogs? Let us know in the comments.

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