Review! We’ve Been Reunited With One of Our FAVORITE Cheese Dips in All of Disney World at Cookes of Dublin!

Only a few short days ago, Cookes of Dublin released its official reopening date!

Cookes of Dublin

Now, Cookes of Dublin is officially frying up fish again in Disney Springs! Let’s go check them out!

Folks were clamoring to get their Fish and Chips fix yesterday when the restaurant reopened at noon!

Fish and Chips Enthusiasts

Social distancing markers have been added to the sidewalk out front just in case a school of fried fish-lovers happens to show up all at once!

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Cookes of Dublin

We also noticed a new sign out front stating the restaurant’s commitment to the safety of its guests and employees!

Cookes of Dublin Sign

And while Raglan Road isn’t set to reopen until June 10th, the Hole in the Wall Bar (which it shares with Cookes of Dublin) is open and hosting a Happy Hour Monday through Friday from 12PM to 6PM!

Learn more about Hole in the Wall’s Happy Hour specials here!

Happy Hour Sign

But we came here for one thing and one thing only — some famous Cookies of Dublin Fish and Chips!

Cookes of Dublin Menu

Cute social distancing markers with fish puns have been placed inside the restaurant…

Social Distancing Marker

…meanwhile, tables have been spaced out inside the dining room as well as outside.

Cookes of Dublin

Plexiglass has been installed at the registers and counters are being sanitized after every order. The cashier no longer hands you a table number. Instead, they circle the table number on your receipt and ask you to remember it.

Cookes of Dublin

When the food brought out, the runner calls your number and you just wave them over to your table.

Cookes of Dublin Food

They also ask you what condiments you want when you order so they can bring them out with your food. Since their soda machine isn’t running, you can order canned beverages instead.


As you can see, we were feeling pretty ambitious today! We ordered up a Famous Fish and Chips for $12.95 along with the Dubliner Irish Cheese & Bacon Dip for $5.50 and another side of Chips, because you can never have too many french fries!

Cookes of Dublin

The Fish and Chips at Cookes of Dublin literally melt in your mouth. The batter is so light and crisp while the fish is flaky and tender! We’re talkin’ heaven in every BITE!

Fish and Chips

And we can’t understate the importance of adding a little Tartar Sauce into the Fish and Chip equation! Always make sure you ask for some to go with your meal! Just trust us — this stuff’s totally going to take your Fish and Chip experience to the next level!

Tartar Sauce

We always seem to gravitate towards delicious cheese sauce, and their Dubliner Irish Cheese & Bacon Dip doesn’t disappoint! You get a pretty hefty portion for $5.50 which is why we ordered an extra side of fries to help sop up all that rich, cheesy goodness!

Dubliner Irish Cheese & Bacon Dip

The bacon lends just a little bit of depth to the gooey cup of pure cheesy enjoyment. Combined with the saltiness of the fries, we can’t think of a snack we’d rather be having right now!

Dubliner Irish Cheese & Bacon Dip

Okay, we’re happy and totally STUFFED with all the carbs we just ate! Here’s what we think!

Nosh or Not?

Stop by Cookes of Dublin if:

  • You love some good pub grub
  • You don’t have time to sit down for a full meal at Raglan Road (or couldn’t snag a reservation!)
  • Fish and Chips and authentic Irish eats are your love language

Skip Cookes of Dublin if:

  • Irish food just isn’t your style
  • Prefer healthier options (lots of fried, heavy foods are featured on the menu)
  • Already got your Fish and Chips fix somewhere else (we’ve been known to frequent Epcot’s Yorkshire County Fish Shop a few times not leaving much room for other Fish and Chip delights!)

Cookes of Dublin

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We think Cookes of Dublin is time and money well spent. The Irish cuisine is a more unique take on convenience food at Disney Springs while the quality is seriously on point for the price. The option to sit outdoors and enjoy the patio bar is also a major boon. Next time you’re feelin’ jiggy, definitely check out Cookes of Dublin!

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Which Disney World spot serves your favorite Fish N Chips? Let us know in the comments below!

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