The Best Outdoor Activities and Attractions at EPCOT

Earlier this week, Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom began reopening and many Disney fans had mixed emotions, myself included. One of the ways I am working through my concerns is to focus on the attractions and activities that are outdoors. I would much prefer to remain outside as much as possible for the foreseeable future. So, if you’re like me and feel more comfortable with outdoor activities right now, you may find it helpful to think about the best outdoor activities at Walt Disney World.

I put together a quick list of outdoor activities at Magic Kingdom. Now let’s take a look at EPCOT. This park is having a rough time. In the middle of its massive transformation it shut down, like the rest of Walt Disney World. Its future and relaunch is now on shaky ground. Moreover, every single ride in this park is indoors, other than the Friendships – which are more of a mode of transportation than an attraction. Thankfully, EPCOT is full of beautiful scenery, architecture, and entertainment that are outdoors.

The Best Outdoor Activities and Attractions at EPCOT
EPCOT Hand Washing and Sanitizer Station

Best Outdoor Activities in Future World

  • Test Track does have one outdoor portion, but the vast majority of the attraction is indoors.
  • Future World West gardens – one of the ways I remember Future World West vs. East is that West has beautiful water features. W is for West and for water. (Can you tell I have a toddler?) With EPCOT’s lack of outdoor attractions, just strolling and appreciating the scenery of Future World West is a treat itself.
  • Watch the jumping fountains at the Imagination pavilion.

Anyone else have any Future World outdoor activities to suggest? Let us know in the comments

The Best Outdoor Activities and Attractions at EPCOT Cloudless blue sky in Epcot - spring break weather in Orlando

Future World West Gardens

Best Outdoor Activities in World Showcase

  • Stroll the promenade and enjoy the architecture and landscaping
  • Canada Pavilion’s gardens and waterfalls
  • United Kingdom Pavilion’s tea garden and small maze
  • Japan Pavilion’s zen garden
  • American Garden Theater is said to be the new home for most of EPCOT’s live entertainment
  • New character cavalcade experiences around World Showcase
  • Germany Pavilion’s train garden
  • Mexico Pavilion’s lush landscaping
  • DuckTales World Showcase Adventure – opening date TBD
  • Enjoy the food and beverage booths of the modified EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival
The Best Outdoor Activities and Attractions at EPCOT
Japan Pavilion at EPCOT (picture is pre-COVID-19)

As you can see, you have to get extra creative to enjoy EPCOT while staying outdoors as much as possible. Did I miss your favorite outdoor activity at EPCOT? Let us know in the comments.

You can learn more about the best strategies for enjoying a day at the EPCOT here.

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