The One Thing That Can Help The Most When Planning Your Disney World Vacation

Planning a Disney vacation can be a daunting task. There’s so much to think about!

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Well, do not fear! We at DFB are here to help YOU plan the best trip you can possibly plan. We don’t want you to forget ANYTHING and trust us, it can be easy to miss some things when you’re in the midst of Disney scheduling! There is one piece of planning that we definitely want you to remember though, because it can help you not forget anything else: considering a travel agent

Why You SHOULD Be Thinking About Using a Travel Agent

For some Disney travelers, using a travel agent doesn’t even cross their minds. That’s perfectly understandable but you should AT LEAST be looking into using one! Why? In short, Disney World is complicated. Even the experts (like us!) can mess up when planning since there are just so many options!

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A travel agent can be a serious life-saver when it comes to planning your trip. We’re talking general planning, reservations, discounts, and even damage control! The DFB Team LOVES to turn to our friends at Small World Vacations whenever we’re getting ready for a big trip to see the Mouse!

They’re Free!

So let’s talk about why you should be using (or at least thinking about using!) a travel agent for YOUR trip! First of all, using a travel agent is completely FREE. That’s right, you heard us. The amount you’ll pay for expert advice is zip, nada, and also zilch ?.

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You might be wondering, “But DFB, how can such a COMPREHENSIVE and PERSONAL service cost me absolutely nothing???” We’ll tell you! Travel agents work on commissions from suppliers (read: Disney), so they get paid when they get YOU booked, without a cent extra out of your pocket. Pretty sweet, huh?

They’ll Catch ALL Those Little Discounts

Not only are travel agents free, but they’ll also work to save you money on your trip! Your expert agent wants you to have the best time possible and they want you to be able to do Disney at a price that works for you! That means they’ll help you make decisions about when to go, travel options, resort hotel choices, and park-tickets!

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Your travel agent will give you PERSONALIZED advice on the best way to Disney it up on your budget and then they’ll see if they can save you even MORE money! Travel agents are always in-the-know about ALL of the Disney discounts and deals!

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If a deal or discount applies to your trip, you can bet your travel agent will know about it!

Plus, say there are a few discounts that you can opt into, but you’re not sure which one is the best deal. Forget handling all that math on your own — your travel agent will run the numbers on what the best deal is for YOUR trip so that you don’t have to do it yourself!

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A good, reliable agent will catch ANY discount that applies, even if it comes out after you book. If a new discount comes out that could apply to your vacation, they’ll do the heavy-lifting to rework your reservations so you save as much money (and time!) as possible.

They’ll Handle It If ANYTHING Goes Wrong!

Even if you can plan the perfect trip, that doesn’t mean that things can’t go wrong prior to your arrival and during your vacation! The good news is that a travel agent can handle anything that goes awry. If any troubles arise, just give your agent a call and they’ll put everything back on track as best they can!

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Whatever you need, an experienced and knowledgable travel agent should be able to either handle it themselves or give you advice on how to handle it. Seriously, travel agents can even be there to handle the craziest and most unexpected circumstances!

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Take the shocking closure of Disney parks in response to the global health crisis for instance! Small World Vacations agents have been spending HOURS daily on the phone with Disney to reschedule and iron out their clients’ vacations so that the clients are free to do what’s important in their lives at this time — whether that’s work, homeschool, or start to plan that rescheduled Disney trip.

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Agents are working HARD in the wake of the closures. They’re communicating with clients and Disney, absorbing all those long hold times with the Disney phone lines. You can bet that guests with travel agents are having all of their updates, reschedules, and cancellations handled for them without having to lift a finger.

Ever been worried about getting a refund if something goes wrong? A travel agent can handle that for you.

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Plus, agents have access to information and scheduling options that regular folks don’t. With all the craziness right now, Small World Vacations agents are working to rebook guests for 2021 vacation packages; we can’t even book those online yet!

They’re the NUMBER ONE Tip for Making Planning and Your Trip Stress-Free!

All in all, travel agents have all the bases covered so that you can focus on the FUN part of the planning and going on a vacation. Your agent will help you make choices that are best for YOUR fam.

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See? You don’t want to forget about this amazing (and don’t forget free!) service. Agents, like the ones at Small World Vacations, make all decisions simple as can be so that you can actually enjoy every moment of your Disney trip.

Thinking about using a travel agent? Tell us in the comments! 

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