These Disney Playhouses are BANANAS. Find Out Where To Get Them.

We are spending tons of time at home these days. With the weather improving, why not take the action outside and enjoy the sunshine?

What better yard to escape to than Disney’s Technicolor Dream House? ©Better Homes and Gardens

Your backyard has some huge potential when it comes to keeping the family busy! Why not spruce it up and give it some Disney magic? We spotted some STUNNING playhouses that have inspired us to dream up our own backyard escape! After all, outdoor playhouses and playsets are one of the things we thought could brighten up your day if your vacation plans have been halted!

Remember the playhouse you would spend hours in as a child? Maybe it was at a friend’s house, or maybe it was at the local playground? Or perhaps you had one in your own backyard! These large structures could inspire hours of playtime and imagination. They could be your own fortress, house, or castle! Even as adults, we all dream of having something akin to a “She-Shed” or “Man Cave” to find a place of our own to escape to.

Charmed Playhouses (totally not an ad; they’re just kind of awesome and we wanted to show you!) has created some straight-up beautiful pieces of backyard ART that can spark imagination — the kiddos can spend hours creating memories (although if you ask us, we could easily spend hours in these as well!).

© Charmed Playhouses @charmedplayhouses

From Star Wars to Peter Pan, they have a playhouse for just about any Disney fan!

© Charmed Playhouses @charmedplayhouses

Climb aboard your very own pirate ship and sail off to Neverland! It even has its own Captain’s Quarters! The detail on these playhouses is remarkable. It even has functioning lanterns!

© Charmed Playhouses @charmedplayhouses

Or, you can escape to your very own castle! If we had one of these in our backyard, staying at home would be NO problem whatsoever. They have designs inspired by some of our favorites, including Belle (we wonder how many of her books she could fit inside this! It’s massive!)…

© Charmed Playhouses @charmedplayhouses

…and Rapunzel! We know she was awfully glad to leave her tower, but if we had a playhouse like this one in our backyard, we would definitely be inclined to stay for quite a while.

© Charmed Playhouses @charmedplayhouses

But one of the playhouses that simply stunned us was one inspired by Cinderella Castle!

© Charmed Playhouses @charmedplayhouses

The attention to detail is remarkable! Princes and Princesses of ANY age can spend endless hours imagining their own royal quest!

© Charmed Playhouses @charmedplayhouses

It even lights up! Don’t mind us while we move into this playhouse and never leave… .

© Charmed Playhouses @charmedplayhouses

If these beautiful pictures have inspired you to seriously upgrade your backyard, you can contact Charmed Playhouses for a custom quote!

But tbh charmed playhouses aren’t necessarily in all of our respective tax brackets, so… v

We’ve also found some other (much more affordable!) playhouses that you can get a hold of in time for summer! Your young princess can let her imagination run free with her own princess play tent! It retails for $39.99.

© Amazon

Do you wanna build a snowman? The winter weather may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate all things Frozen, as Olaf would say, “in summer!” Have your very own ice palace when you assemble this Arendelle playhouse. This wooden playset is $349.99.

© Walmart

And there are more castles where that came from! We found this cute medieval castle playhouse with an awfully familiar color scheme (or is it just us that thinks this looks a little like Cinderella Castle?). This indoor playhouse could probably be brought out onto a patio or deck for $42.99.

© Target

And finally, we have a playhouse for an imagination that’s out of this world! While some kiddos may want a castle of their very own, some would be content with their own spaceship!

Take outdoor playtime to infinity and beyond with this Buzz Lightyear tent! You could totally blast off and have your backyard be a distant planet (the outdoors certainly feels a bit different these days). You can get it for $49.95.

© Disney

For those with young kiddos, playtime may have become more of a challenge these days when it comes to thinking of creative ways to keep their minds engaged. We hope that some of these playhouses give you some ideas on how to take playtime to a whole new level!

Whether you already have a playhouse in your backyard or you’re simply looking for some outdoor activity inspiration, when it comes to a child’s imagination, the sky is the limit!

What is your favorite backyard activity that your family has embraced in these past couple of months? Let us know in the comments!

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