Tips for a Smooth Check-Out From Your Hotel

During a recent stay at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge our team was reminded how important a smooth check-out can be. You spend so much time planning your Walt Disney World trip that it can be a big let down if your trip ends on a rough note. Sometimes things can be out of your control, but there are some ways to help ensure you have a smooth check-out from your Disney hotel.

Tips for a Smooth Check-Out From Your Hotel
Animal Kingdom Lodge Two Bedroom Village – Guest Room

Here are some of our favorite tips, and many of these can be applied to any hotel stay.

  • Communicate with the Front Desk any requests for housekeeping needs, including late check-out, upon arrival.
  • Reconfirm your housekeeping needs with Housekeeping when you get to your room. Call on your in-room phone.
  • Hang the Do Not Disturb tag on your door the night before your departure.
  • Pack up what you can the night before so you’re not rushing the morning of your departure.
  • If you want a late check-out call the Front Desk to confirm if one is available. Keep in mind this can be an extra charge at some hotels.
  • Call the Housekeeping department the morning of your departure to communicate when you will depart.
  • If you are departing before check-out time, it is a great idea to let the Front Desk or Housekeeping know so they can get to your room early.
  • Walk through your room, open all the drawers, to make sure you did not leave anything behind.
  • Don’t forget to grab your phone charger.
  • Most hotels email your folio with your final charges on it. Be sure to check this before you depart in case any errors need to be addressed.
  • If you have any concerns about your experience try to get in touch with a manager before you depart. This usually makes for a better resolution.
Tips for a Smooth Check-Out From Your Hotel
Animal Kingdom Lodge Two Bedroom Living Area
Tips for a Smooth Check-Out From Your Hotel
Disney’s Grand Floridian Main Building

I worked in the hotel industry for quite a while, and one of the common complaints received is a member of Housekeeping knocking on the door early in the morning of departure. Housekeepers have a slam-packed schedule and it is no doubt the toughest job in the building. But with a little extra communication things may should go smoothly.

What tips do you have for a smooth hotel stay?

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