We All Scream for Ice Cream This #DisneyWeekend!

ice cream disneyweekend
©Disney. Photo by Natalie Murphy and for Disney Family

Is there anything your kiddo would love more than enjoying a big scoop of ice cream on a hot summer day? We have some fun crafts and recipes that everyone in your family is sure to love! Whether you whip up an over-the-top Mickey sundae or throw an ice cream party complete with themed garland, your family will be screaming for ice cream all #DisneyWeekend long.

Show us how you and your little one are indulging in a cool treat with the hashtag #DisneyWeekend on Instagram.

mickey ice cream sundae
©Disney. Photo by Elise Apffel for Disney Family

The Ultimate Mickey Sundae

Upgrade your next dessert with this sweet recipe for an over-the-top Mickey Sundae.

vegan ice cream
©Disney. Photo by Jessica Lucius for Disney Family

Vegan Mickey Ice Cream

This no-churn recipe is dairy-free, starting with a delicious vanilla base great for adding your favorite add-ons. It’s ear-resistible!

lion king parfait
Photo by Elise Apffel for Disney Family

Timon and Pumbaa Ice Cream Parfait

These ice cream parfaits are a rare delicacy. They’re certainly Timon and Pumbaa approved!

sorcerer mickey ice cream sundae
©Disney. Photo by Disney Family

Sorcerer Mickey Brownie Sundae

Get the whole family together this #DisneyWeekend for a magical brownie ice cream sundae inspired by Mickey Mouse!

mickey ice cream sundae
©Disney. Photo by Tiffany Davis for Disney Family

Mickey Waffle Cone Chip

Add this Mickey waffle cone chip to any frozen treat for a picture-perfect dessert.

hidden mickey ice cream sandwich
©Disney. Photo by Joanne Lu for Disney Family

Hidden Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches

With their adorable Mickey shape, rainbow sprinkles, and three flavors of ice cream, these Hidden Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches are great for parties or a special weekend dessert.

mickey ice cream planter
©Disney. Photo by Natalie Murphy for Disney Family

Mickey Ice Cream Planter

This DIY Mickey Ice Cream Planter turns any old plant into a treat that’s too cute to eat!

ice cream cone garland
©Disney. Photo by Disney Family

Mickey Ice Cream Cone Garland

Whether you’re prepping for a Disney-themed ice cream party or you simply want to take your summer home decor to the next level, this colorful Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Cone Garland needs to be in your home.

disney phone wallpaper
©Disney. Photo by Irene Lee for Disney Family

Mickey Ice Cream Phone Wallpaper

Cool down with this Mickey phone wallpaper! Apologies in advance if you suddenly find yourself craving a frozen treat.

For more Disney fun, check out Olaf’s Ice Cream Sundae:

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