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We Asked Our Readers: What Will It Take For You to Feel Safe Visiting Disney World Again? Here’s What They Said.

We wanted to know what safety measures our readers want to see Disney World implement when the parks reopen!

Animal Kingdom Entrance

While all of the Disney World parks remain closed until further notice, the resort has taken its first step towards reopening with Disney Springs starting a phased reopening on May 20th. This comes on the heels of the reopening of Shanghai Disneyland on May 11th, which made it the first Disney park to resume operations worldwide.

Both of these reopenings have included safety measures such as required face coverings for guests and Cast Members, social distancing protocols, and increased sanitization. So, now that things are beginning to reopen, we wanted to check in with our readers to see what health and safety measures they would like to see implemented in the parks at Disney World. Here are the results!

Now that we’ve seen the new health and safety protocols in action in Shanghai Disneyland and at Disney Springs, we have a better idea of what we might be able to expect in the domestic parks. So, since Disney has started to reopen its properties, we wanted to check in with our readers to get their thoughts. We reached out to our followers on Instagram to ask whether they think certain steps should be taken when Disney World reopens — let’s take a look at the responses!

Required Temperature Checks for Guests

To kick things off, we asked our followers whether or not they think temperature checks should be required for guests when the parks reopen. The overall response for temperature checks was positive — 77% said yes, and 23% said no.

Hollywood Studios

Temperature checks have been a common measure among other reopenings — they’re required at Shanghai Disneyland, Disney Springs, and Universal Orlando CityWalk. Overall, our readers said they would like to see this continue when the Disney World parks reopen as well.

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Required Face Coverings for Guests

Next, we asked our followers whether they’re in favor of required face coverings for guests. This also received a favorable response — 68% said yes, and 32% said no.

Disney-themed Cloth Face Masks ©Disney

So, even though this measure received a slightly less positive response than temperature screenings, it was still favored overall, with two-thirds of the respondents in for the use of masks.

Learn more about our experience wearing a mask in Disney Springs here.

Limited Capacity in the Parks

In order to promote social distancing, many businesses that have reopened are limiting their capacity. In fact, the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force suggested that theme parks operate at no more than 50% capacity during Phase 1 in their reopening guidelines. And it seems that our readers are very much in favor of Disney limiting capacity in the theme parks — 91% said yes, and 9% said no.

Main Street, U.S.A

Of the ten questions we asked, this one received the most positive response.

Click here to learn more about the theme park reopening guidelines provided by the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force

Required Reservations to Get Into the Parks

In order to get ahead of potential bottlenecks and crowds, Shanghai Disneyland required that all tickets be purchased in advance for specific entry dates. Guests had to sign up for the specific date they planned to attend, as no walk-up tickets are available. Overall, our readers are in favor of reservations being required to get into the parks — 78% said yes, and 22% said no. 

Walt Disney World

If Disney World requires guests to pre-register for entry into the park, that would reduce the chance of guests being turned away at the gate if capacity is reached. Universal, which is opening June 5th will not implement a reservation system.

Here’s what Disney CEO Bob Chapek said about the reopening of Shanghai Disneyland

Social Distancing of Six Feet Required in Queues

This is another measure we’ve seen implemented in Shanghai Disneyland. They’ve placed markers in queues to indicate the proper separation between parties. Our readers are also largely in favor of six feet of distancing being required in queues — 81% said yes, and 19% said no.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

While this would largely require guests to self-regulate, we received a pretty resounding “yes” from our readers on the social distancing measure!

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Staggered and Distanced Seating on Attractions

Another policy being which is being implemented by theme parks like Universal is staggering seating on attractions. Essentially, with this procedure, alternating rows or seats are left empty in order to allow space between guests. And it looks like people were in the same boat here as with distanced queues — 81% said yes and 19% said no.

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway Ride Vehicle

As with other social distancing procedures we polled our readers on, this potential policy received an overall positive response!

We drove around an empty Disney World. Here’s what it looked like!

Distanced Seating and Reduced Capacity in Restaurants

Many restaurants reopening across the country have required reduced capacity and social distancing. In fact, this is another element that was addressed by the Orange County Economic Task Force who suggested that restaurants reopen with 50% capacity during Phase 1. Reduced restaurant capacity and distanced seating is yet another precaution our readers would like extended to the parks — 89% said yes, and 11% said no.

Be Our Guest Restaurant

As a whole, the potential safety measures related to social distancing and reduced capacity were the most popular among our readers.

Click here to see which restaurants in Disney Springs were reopened in the first phase on May 20th

Ride Vehicles Disinfected After Every Guest

Another hot topic of discussion has been increased sanitization procedures. We asked our readers if they think that Cast Members should disinfect ride vehicles after every guest80% said yes, and 20% said no.

Rise of the Resistance Ride Vehicle

While Disney said that the reopening of Disney Springs includes “increased cleaning procedures,” there’s no official word yet on how this will translate to the Disney theme parks.

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Hotel Rooms Left Empty for 24 Hours Between Guests

We also wanted to see what our readers thought about hotel rooms being left empty for 24 hours between guests. And almost three-fourths were on board with this idea — 72% said no, and 28% said yes.

Animal Kingdom Lodge Room

So, while this wasn’t quite as overwhelming of a “yes” as the social distancing measures, overall people seem to be in favor.

Have you seen the recently renovated rooms at Animal Kingdom Lodge?

Character Meet and Greets Halted

This was an opinion on which our readers were much more divided. When asked if they think character meet and greets should be suspended — 52% said yes, and 48% said no.

Snow White

So this one was almost an even split! Since this was the first measure we asked which would involve something being completely removed instead of just changed, we weren’t too surprised to see this receive a less favorable response.

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Large Gathering Shows Like Fireworks and Parades Halted

Entertainment that draws a large crowd, like fireworks and parades, has caused particular concern given the difficulty of maintaining social distance with so many people. Shanghai Disneyland has put a stop to parades and fireworks for the time being, so it’s possible Disney World could do the same. We wanted to round out our list by asking our readers if they think large gathering shows like fireworks and parades should be halted. And while it was close to an even split, this is the only question that received an overall negative response48% said yes, and 52% said no.

Happily Ever After Fireworks

So again, even though the responses were almost half and half, this was the least popular potential safety measure among our readers!

So, while there were a few potential health protocols that our readers weren’t as jazzed about, overall, people were on board with most of the procedures we mentioned. And social distancing in queues, restaurants, and attractions was an overwhelmingly popular concept! We’ll have to see when Disney announces their own reopening plan what measures are announced with it!

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Which of these potential health and safety measures are you in favor of? Let us know in the comments!

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