What’s New in Disney Springs: Construction Updates, TONS of Rainbow Merchandise, and Designer Masks!

Disney Springs has been reopened for a few weeks, and there are new things popping up daily!

Disney Springs

Though there are a lot of general changes to how Disney Springs is run so that guests, Cast Members, and employees are safe; some things are still the way they were before the closure. For instance, we’re still able to check in on NEW food items, NEW construction updates, and NEW merchandise! Let’s check out everything that’s new in Disney Springs today!

Disney Springs Food Update

As always, we’re starting off with our number one priority — the food of Disney Springs!

Pizza Ponte

Though there aren’t too many food updates today in the Springs, we did notice a new sign up outside of Pizza Ponte.

Pizza Ponte Sign

The Fruit and Wine Pops and Frozen Sangrias have been around for a while, but boy does this sign make us want to pop in and grab a treat to cool off with.

Click here to learn more about the Fruit and Wine Pops at Pizza Ponte!


Starbucks has a new drink AND a new souvenir cup. Remember, you can’t get your souvenir cup filled right now, but you’re of course welcome to pour the drink in yourself. The new cup is to celebrate Pride Month. When we first saw the Confetti Cup, we were a little confused. Those white spots don’t look like confetti! Or DO they???

Confetti Cups

To really see why the cup was called the Confetti Cup, we picked up the new Love is Love drink special (also for pride month) made of a Violet Drink with strawberries and topped with strawberry sweet cream cold foam.

Love is Love Drink

Not only was the drink DELICIOUS, but when we poured it into our new cup, the design started to change. That’s right, there are COLOR CHANGING confetti pieces. Look how cute!

Love is Love in Confetti Cup

You can snag the new cup for $4 and the drink was priced at $8.10 for a Venti.

Gotta know more about these cute Starbucks offerings? Click here!

Cookes of Dublin

Cookes of Dublin and The Hole in the Wall Outside Bar have officially reopened.

Cookes of Dublin

Obviously, we celebrated with some Fish & Chips and yummy Cheese Dip. Plus, they’ve got NEW HAPPY HOUR SPECIALS!

Want to know more about those new specials? Click here!

House of Blues

House of Blues has reopened too! In fact, we were the first ones there when the doors opened from the closure.

House of Blues

We were actually really impressed with the apps we tried here and listening to live music again was a total treat.

To see our experience at the reopened House of Blues, click here!

Disney Springs Construction Update

Next up let’s take a look at some of the construction in Disney Springs. There’s a good bit of it!

M&M Store

First up, construction on the M&M Store continues. They’ve added construction barriers that weren’t there just a few days ago!

M&M Store

We can’t wait to see the WALL of M&Ms that is coming to this spot sometime this year.

Want a sneak peek of the M&M Store? Click here!


We checked in on the upcoming lululemon location as well. This location is set to open this summer!


It looks like they’ve got a sign in the works for above the entrance!

Click here to find out when lululemon will open!

Homecomin’ Shine Bar

We’re super excited about the new Shine Bar (that’s MOONSHINE, friends!) that’s coming to Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’!

Shine Bar

You can catch a glimpse of the progress from just across the Springs. It looks like work is coming along!

To learn more about the Shine Bar, click here!


We figured we’d check in on Beatrix, too!


This new dining spot is going to have some marketplace vibes. We can’t see too much of the progress from behind these construction barriers though!

For EVERYTHING you need to know about Beatrix, click here!

Ample Hills Creamery

As far as we can tell, there’s still work being done just across the way at Ample Hills Creamery.

Ample Hills

One more location to get ice cream in Disney World? Count us in!

Click here to learn more about this upcoming Ample Hills location!

City Works Eatery and Pour House

And finally, there’s actually a little bit of construction going on at the new City Works restaurant too! Those temporary planters are up to hide the work.

City Works

We DID spot a construction permit for a canopy at this spot so that certainly explains the work we’re seeing. Maybe it means there will be more outdoor seating when the spot reopens. City Works also shared that they plan to reopen in Disney Springs soon!

Click here to learn when City Works will reopen!

Disney Springs Merchandise Update

Now for the biggest group of updates. Let’s take a look at that new merch, pals!

World of Disney

Of course, we started at the quintessential World of Disney.

World of Disney

Unlike its opening day, there was no line here when we visited. We just walked right in!

Click here to see how the World of Disney queue works!

And there were a lot of new items! Our favorite? Possibly this Main Street Popcorn Phone Case for $44.99.

Main Street Popcorn Phone Case

Yes, that popcorn moves around in there.

Click here for MORE PICS of the new Popcorn Case!

Then there was a whole collection of rainbow merch. It IS Pride Month after all. Check out these two-person Jumbo Beach Towels for $27.99.

Beach Towel

The also had rainbow plushes of our FAVORITE mice, Mickey…

Mickey Plush

…and Minnie! You can snag either of them for $29.99.

Minnie Plush

We spotted these returning Rainbow Minnie Ears displayed around this collection too.

Minnie Ear Headband

Click here to see more of the new Rainbow Collection!

For $36.99 you can snag the Rainbow Love Shirt that features Cinderella Castle in a Mickey shape!

Love Shirt

Speaking of Mickey, have you ever seen anything cooler than these Rainbow Mickey Socks?


We’ve seen a very similar bag to this Rainbow Backpack before, but this one has some changes. Look closely to see all sorts of Disney motifs hidden in the colors. Get it for $55.

Mickey Backpack

Is your fridge looking a little bare?

Magnet Set

Pick up this $12.99 Magnet Set to spice is up!

Can you have too many magnets? If you don’t think so, click here!

But wait, you didn’t think that was all of the rainbow stuff, did you? Look at this ADORABLE Rain Jacket for $54.99!

Rainbow Rain Jacket

Then there’s a matching collection of rainbow bags with snack symbols too! There’s the Tote


…the Crossbody for $34.99


…and this Hip Pack for $24.99!

Hip Pack

Take a closer look at these NEW bags here! 

For $27.99, we saw this fun Mickey Mouse Varsity Hat that was new to us…

Mickey Hat

Want to find out more about this cool cap? Click here!

…and for $19.99 we spotted this Monsters University Notebook too!

MU Notebook

Do you love the Fab Four as much as we do? Well, bring that love into the kitchen with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy Kitchen Towels for $24.99 each.

Fab Four Towels

Check out these fun hand towels here!! 

With summer days coming soon, it’s pretty hard to resist grabbing this Minnie Pool Float for $54.99.

Minnie Mouse Pool Float

Click here to float on over to more info on this float!

Mother’s Day may have passed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show appreciation for your favorite lady with these $14.99 Socks!

Mom Socks

Marketplace Co-Op

Perhaps the oddest thing we spotted in Disney Springs today popped up in Marketplace Co-Op. You remember that Inside Out Unicorn Romper we spotted on shopDisney? Well, we found it in stores for $128!

Unicorn Romper

Really want to get your hands on this romper? Click here!

Over near the customizable MADE merch, we saw this Baby Yoda Tote. Right now, you can print the little guy on anything you normally can with a MADE kiosk, and add your name if you want.

Made Tote

The totes are new too, but soon you’ll be able to print any of the available designs on them.

Want to customize your own The Child Tote? Click here!

Once Upon a Toy

Once Upon a Toy reopened so that your kids can be tempted by all the goodies inside once more!

Once Upon a Toy

And trust us, they will be tempted.

Click here to take a tour of Once Upon a Toy with us!

Art of Shaving

Art of Shaving opened too! If you’re looking for a new razor, NOW IS YOUR TIME.

Art of Shaving

Note that the Barber Shop IS still closed though.

Click here to learn more about the reopening of Art of Shaving!

Vera Bradley

We finished our tour at Vera Bradley to see what mask designs they had available today. According to the associate, the masks have been super popular so they’ve been rotating the patterns a lot.


And there you have it! That’s everything new in Disney Springs! We’ll check back next time there are big updates. Until then!

What’s your favorite new piece of merchandise in Disney Springs? Tell us in the comments! 

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