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When Disney World Reopens, Can You Even Go?

Disney World is reopening on July 11th, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who wants to go will be able to.

When Disney World Reopens, Can You Even Go?

Walt Disney World

Not only is Disney set to significantly reduce capacity in the theme parks, but some travelers may not even have a chance at planning their vacation in the first place. After all, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you can get into the parks if you’re not able to get into Florida! We’re taking a look at some of the current laws and factors that could prohibit a Disney trip for some.


International travelers may have some issues getting to Disney World.

For one, those coming from outside of the country may have a difficult time getting to Orlando. 20% of attendance in Disney World is attributed to international travelers, so we know there are some international folks who are excited to get to the parks. Right now though, there are some things in their way.

When Disney World Reopens, Can You Even Go?

Walt Disney World

For one, the U.S. State Travel Department has a Stage 4 Global Travel Advisory in effect. That means “Do Not Travel.” Due to the global health crisis, many government agencies are not deeming it safe to travel for leisure. Of course, an advisory doesn’t mean that you CAN’T travel, but some countries have full-out bans in effect.

According to the CDC, travel to the U.S. is banned for those who spent any of the previous 14 days in China, Iran, the European Schengen Area, the United Kingdom, Ireland, or Brazil. Beyond that, over 140 countries have closed their borders and/or enacted travel bans — many of them prohibiting travel to or from the U.S. and still in effect. If those bans aren’t lifted, Disney lovers in those countries will be out of luck at reopening.

When Disney World Reopens, Can You Even Go?

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PLUS, the international air travel industry took a major hit during the crisis. Per Forbes, though international flights are starting to come back, they are limited. Finding flights to Orlando may not be easy or even possible for some international travelers IF they are permitted to travel.

For some Disney-lovers in the U.S., it may be impossible to get to the parks.

International travelers aren’t the only ones who may have some issues. Anyone entering Florida from Connecticut, New Jersey, or New York must undergo a 14-day mandatory quarantine upon entering the state. However, this order is set to expire on July 7th, unless the Florida Governor decides to extend the order. Currently, this quarantine applies regardless of method of transportation, and the costs of quarantine, including lodging, fall on the traveler.

When Disney World Reopens, Can You Even Go?

Disney’s Beach Club Resort

Most folks will not have the means to spend two weeks in quarantine before they can get on with their Disney trip. You’d have to spend a pretty long time in Disney to make the trip worth two weeks of quarantine!

Even if you are NOT traveling from the New York tri-state area, you still need to check out the current health measures of your state and any state you may be traveling through. You may run into border checkpoints, curfews, stay at home orders, and more.

What can you do about this?

The solution? Stay informed. This is a developing situation and different states and countries are changing their health measures and restrictions all the time. You may have to wait it out until travel becomes a part of the norm again.

Are you worried about getting to the Disney parks? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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