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Where Can You ‘Sea’ This?

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Sun, May 3, 2020

Where Can You ‘Sea’ This?

by , Cruise Director, Disney Cruise Line

Calling all Disney Cruise Line fans – we are putting you to the test! This new series, “Where can you ‘Sea’ this?” will take a look at some of the details across the Disney Cruise Line fleet to see just how well you know our ships! Dust off your thinking caps and let’s put your eyes to the test with our first picture – we think it’s pretty “sweet!”

Before scrolling any further, do you have any guesses?

If you said Vanellope’s Sweets and Treats on the Disney Dream, you’re right! This sweet shop satisfies the sweet tooth of cruisers of all ages, with handmade gelato and ice cream, an assortment of candy and delectable novelty treats for purchase.

Vanellope’s Sweets and Treats on the Disney Dream

Resembling the whimsical candy land of the Sugar Rush race car game in “Wreck-It Ralph,” the sweet shop’s décor features nods to the film such as Vanellope’s race car, gas pump-style gumball dispensers (featured in our picture today!) and other fun details. Unique design touches bring the experience to life for guests, including an animated leaderboard showcasing the day’s most popular sundaes. Sculptures of King Candy on his winner’s pedestal and Vanellope hanging upside down in the Candy Cane Forest offer fanciful backdrops for family photographs, and a sleeping Sour Bill occasionally wakes from a nap inside a gum ball dispenser to say something sour.

More than 20 gelato and 16 ice cream flavors are served, with different options handcrafted daily. Freshly made whipped cream, sweet sauces and fruit compotes are among the wide selection of toppings. Signature sundaes include Vanellope Von Schweetz’s Race Kart Sundae, served in Vanellope’s very own race car, and Ralph’s Family Challenge Sundae, presented in a trophy cup and made with eight heaping scoops of ice cream, meant for the family to share.

Vanellope’s Sweets and Treats on the Disney Dream

Have you ever been to Vanellope’s Sweets and Treats on the Disney Dream? If so, what’s your favorite treat? If you’re anything like me, you could go for a scoop (or two!) of the peanut butter snickers gelato right about now!

Be sure to keep checking the Disney Parks Blog for our next “Where can you ‘Sea’ this?” challenge and more #DisneyMagicMoments from Disney Cruise Line.

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