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Adorable Dog With Cone Of Shame Wants To Work At Pixar

Adorable Dog With Cone Of Shame Wants To Work At Pixar pixar puppy

Did Pixar get a new logo?

No, is just Kai! A cute puppy from the U.K that decided to see the bright side of wearing a cone of shame and become the next Luxo Jr. for Pixar!

The adorable dog became a sensation with a video recreating the famous intro for Pixar films getting over 20 millions views! Not bad Kai!

Posted this the other day…after 20 million views, here it is again  #pixarpup #pixarchallenge

A post shared by Kai (@lifeofkaix) on Jun 9, 2020 at 8:30am PDT

Did you know Luxo Jr. was created by John Lasseter in 1986? He used a Luxo lamp on his drawing table to experiment with the model, using it for motion studies. After using the animation for a festival in Brussels, he was asked to give it a backstory, so he decided to get some inspiration from the young son of another team member, Tom Porter, and that’s how Luxo Jr. was born. Interesting right?

Kai might also remind you to another character, Dug from UP! He wears a cone of shame during some part of the movie and is extremely adorable as well.

So do you think your puppy might want to join Kai and do the #PixarChallenge as well? Comment with your pictures!

And don’t forget to check out Pixar’s new short “Out” on Disney+ if you haven’t yet!

Credit: @lifeofkaix

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