Aerial view of McDonald’s near Disney’s All-Star Resort

Aerial view of McDonald’s near Disney’s All-Star Resort Aerial

Today, we’re presenting an aerial photo of the newly remodeled McDonald’s on Walt Disney World property. We’re impressed by its appearance because it looks to be nearing completion! We recently took a drive near the fast-food restaurant, which is located between Disney’s All-Star Resort and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The construction continued at this location while Walt Disney World Resort was temporarily closed.

Here you can see the Twitter post of the aerial view.

As you can see, the McDonald’s restaurant is receiving a massive renovation, updating the design and overall feel of the restaurant. There are loads of solar panels on the roof, out front, and some greenery going up the building. It also appears to be much larger, which will definitely help considering its popularity and convenient location. We will check back with this McDonald’s once the place opens to the public.

There’s no announced opening date, but it would be amazing if this location was ready for guests to be welcomed back when the resorts reopen in July. It may be a while until you can enjoy your favourite McDonald’s meal, but we are looking forward to seeing the inside of this massive restaurant later!

Source: Bioreconstruct Twitter

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