Aerial View of Tron Coaster’s Construction in Magic Kingdom

Aerial View of Tron Coaster’s Construction in Magic Kingdom

Roller coaster fans have been virtually drooling over the promise of the new Tron coaster coming to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in 2021. The ride will mirror the roller coaster of the same name in Shanghai Disneyland, which opened with rave reviews in 2016. 

Recent closures in the parks have delayed news of progress in the construction of the ride, also known as ”Tron Lightcycle Run, ” but thankfully we have new aerial proof of its development. It will be located in Tomorrowland, close to Space Mountain, another futuristic thrill ride. 

The attraction features a two-wheeled cycle for each passenger to board on an exciting ride through a digital world, just like in the iconic film. Fans were able to get an up-close and personal view of the vehicles at last year’s D23 expo. Cast Member uniforms were also on display. The best idea of what to expect comes from the original Tron coaster in Shanghai. Fans shared overwhelmingly positive reviews after its opening, so Walt Disney World vacationers can hope for a similar experience.

2021 will be a year to remember! With the completion of the Tron Lightcycle Run and Walt Disney World’s 50th-anniversary celebration, there are many things to look forward to!

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