Angel Scentsy Buddy From Lilo And Stitch Is Back

Angel Scentsy Buddy From Lilo And Stitch Is Back

The fabulous Angel Scentsy Buddy is back! This Disney sweetheart was quite popular when she made he debut with the Stitch Scentsy buddy, and is available beginning June 26 while supplies last. Why June 26th you might ask? Because it’s 6/26, which is Stitch day in honor of experiment 626!

Angel Scentsy Buddy Returns!

Many fans have been asking for the return of the Stitch Scentsy Buddy, and while Scentsy can not do that, they are doing the next best thing, and releasing Angel!  Angel is also coming back at 10% off and will be available for $31.50 through the end of June or while supplies last, whichever comes first.

Every Angel Buddy also comes with a preselected Scent Pak in her signature fragrance, Angel: Experiment 624 — A unique creation like Angel calls for a complex concoction. This mischievous mix draws you in like a siren song with a blend of goji berry and blackberry reacting just so with sweet vanilla cream and sugarcane.

The Angel Scent Paks are ONLY available with the Angel buddy, and will not available individually at this time. Sadly it won’t be around as a Scentsy Bar as part of this release, because it really does smell amazing!

What do you think of the adorable Angel Scentsy Buddy returning tomorrow? Angel goes on sale by consultants and tomorrow June 26th!

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