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Can You Still Fill Your Refillable Popcorn Buckets in Disney World? Find Out Here!

Disney-owned locations reopened today in Disney Springs and we ? have ? questions!

Popcorn in Disney Springs

If you know us, then you KNOW we miss our Disney snacks. We’ve been investigating all those snack locations to see what iconic Disney eats are available to us once more. We’ve spotted Mickey Pretzels, Popcorn, and even DOLE WHIP. One thing is heavy on our minds though — will Cast Members still refill our refillable popcorn buckets with the added health measures? We found out!

We were wandering Disney Springs today when an amazing development caught our eye — a popcorn stand, popping away! We headed over to snag some of our favorite Disney snacks and to see what sort of health changes they had made.


Like in all other dining locations in Disney Springs, distancing markers are in place to keep guests and Cast Members safe. We snagged a scoop of popcorn to munch on but not before asking if they would fill our refillable buckets for us in the future.

Snack and Cocktail Carts

Well, it turns out that YES, they will fill refillable souvenir buckets. They, however, weren’t selling the refillable popcorn buckets today. You had to already have a refillable popcorn bucket with you.

We will be back with more details on this process soon!

Click here to learn more about the return of Disney snacks!

Will you be bringing your refillable bucket to Disney Springs? Tell us in the comments!

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