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Check Out Some Of The WEIRDEST Disney Merchandise We Found Online!

Some of the Disney merchandise you can find online are items we all know and love: there’s no shortage of spirit jerseys, Minnie ears, and all the Baby Yoda swag.

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And while there are some truly UNIQUE items out there like those designer ears and the Main Attraction series, they’re still not really that strange.

But if you look deep, deep, DEEP on the internet, you can find some pretty spectacular (and perhaps some bizarre) Disney merchandise! Here’s a roundup of some of the more eyebrow-raising treasures you can shop for!

Weird things to put on your wall

We all have that one piece of ‘dead space’ on our wall that we just don’t know what to do with! We finally found the solution: cuckoo clocks. These wonderfully unique and functional timepieces will definitely be the subject of conversation next time your family comes over.

Starting off with this Mickey Mouse cuckoo clock, our favorite mouse can be seen “throughout the years,” from Sorcerer Mickey to his classic “shorts” look.

© Disney

And for all you Nightmare Before Christmas fans…“What’s this?” We couldn’t possibly leave you out of the fun! In addition to the Mickey wall clock, we also spotted this cuckoo clock, starring all your favorite characters like Jack, Sally, and Zero when he appears ‘popping’ out of the clock every hour!

© Disney

It’s almost like having your own way to commemorate the passage of time until the NEXT Halloween!

Remember those old Felix the Cat wall clocks? Now you can have your very own Mickey Mouse motion clock! As the seconds pass, his eyes will dart back and forth and his tail will wag.

© Disney

He’s such a cutie.

Unique Treasures to Fill Your Home

When your friends and family can finally come back to visit your home, WOW them with all the bizarre Disney merchandise you’ve collected! First off, how’s about a $1000 Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal? You heard us – one thousand jars of honey.

© Hammacher Schlemmer

Did you ever think you could find a Winnie the Pooh plush that cost so much? Well, leave it to the luxury brand Steiff to come up with a plush that’s the size of a small child.

For the Star Wars lovers in your household, how’s about a levitating Darth Vader helmet? Looks like the laws of physics have been DEFIED with this fun collector’s piece. Set it on your bedside table, or on your fireplace mantle and have your guests “ooh and aah” at it. The force is certainly strong with this one.

© Hammacher Schlemmer

Have you ever dreamed of wearing Iron Man’s suit? Well now your wish can come true with this fun, if not bizarre, Iron Man robot. At first glance this seems to be like any other interactive toy.

© Hammacher Schlemmer

But when you open his helmet, you’ll discover that you can actually upload your own FACE onto the robot, making it appear as though YOU have become Iron Man! Pretty cool, right? Maybe a little weird? Maayyybeeee. Either way, you can tell all your friends that you’re Iron Man, and technically you won’t be lying!

© Hammacher-Schlemmer

So now that your guests are super perplexed as to why you have a giant Winnie the Pooh plush and an Iron Man robot with your face on it, how about you pour them a drink? Why not do it in a MASSIVE Star Wars tiki mug?

Toynk Toys has been our favorite site lately for the latest and greatest in tiki mugs, and boy have they gone above and beyond with this next set of items. Did you know your cabinet was missing a 40 OZ Jabba the Hut tiki mug? Well now you know! 40 OZ is a LOT of tiki mug! And he even comes with a Bib Fortuna mini 2 oz muglet! What in the world is a muglet?

© Toynk Toys

We found another pair of large & tiny tiki mugs to add to your collection of curiosities! This set features a 40 OZ rancor with his little 2 oz Oola mini muglet friend. But here’s the thing that has us puzzled — is the mini muglet for the rancor to drink out of? Look at how he’s holding her! What happened to poor Oola that she’s now being used by a rancor? Someone help her!

© Toynk Toys

And finally, we lurve some stained glass lamps, and now your Disney devotion can also = high FASHUN! The first one up is this Snow White stained glass lamp…

© Disney

…and there’s also this adorbs Eeyore (we can all relate to him some days, right?). Well, luckily he can shine bright as this stained glass lamp. As Eeyore would say, “Some days look better upside down.” Truer words were never spoken, especially these days!

© Disney

Not all Disney merch has to be Minnie Ears and spirit jerseys! If you dig a little deeper you can find some really crazy, weird, and cool items you may never known existed! We’ll keep our eyes peeled for the next batch of Disney goodies the internet is hiding. But first, going to order a Snow White stained glass lamp, BRB!

What bizarre piece of Disney merchandise are you the proud owner of? Share with us in the comments!

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