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Check out the NEW Love is Love Starbucks Drink and Their New COLOR CHANGING Cup in Disney World

Yer a wizard, Harry! You’ll have to excuse us — we’ve been exploring Universal Studios’ Wizarding World of Harry Potter all morning now that the parks are open for a special Annual Passholder preview!

Disney Springs

And while we expected to see some magical happens over at Hogsmeade today, it’s what we saw at Dinsey Springs today that has us under its spell!

While waiting in line for our Starbs this morning, we noticed this basket of rather unassuming refillable “Confetti Cups” for $4 each!

Confetti Cups

Now they didn’t look all that impressive at first — but we noticed right away these weren’t your ordinary plastic cups! They had little white flecks all over them!

Confetti Cup with Rainbow Straw

Plus they came with a gorgeous rainbow straw that was included in the price of the cup!

Confetti Cup

The barista who rang us up told us Confetti Cups change color when you add a cold drink! Since Starbucks isn’t able to fill up their reusable cups right now (but they will honor the discount if you show them your cup!), we ordered our beverage separately so we could pour it in our new Confetti Cup ourselves! We went with the special Love is Love Drink celebrating Pride Month! It’s brand new today!

Love is Love

Starbuck’s Love is Love is a violet-flavored drink that includes strawberries and comes topped with strawberry sweet cream foam. After tax, it rang up as $8.10!

Love is Love Drink

We quickly ran to rinse out or new Confetti Cup and then poured it in! Right before our very eyes, the little white flecks turned green, orange, purple, and BLUE! A gorgeous new drink and a totally poppin’ new cup? Our day just got SO much better! The drink was super delicious and refreshing while this little item has certainly become our new favorite piece of drinkware!

Confetti Cup

The new Confetti Cups aren’t exclusive to Disney World, so you can look for them at the Starbs near YOU! And if you’re heading to Disney Springs this weekend, Starbucks is still offering its Welcome Back drink which you can check out our review of here!

Check out the rainbow of Pride Month merch we’ve spotted at World of Disney and online here!

Let us know if you’ll be picking up a Confetti Cup in the comments below!

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