Construction Crane catches on fire at Swan & Dolphin Resort

Construction Crane catches on fire at Swan & Dolphin Resort Swan & Dolphin

Today, a few individuals on Disney World property witnessed a huge surprise at Disney’s Swan and Dolphin Resort. A construction crane located at Disney’s Swan and Dolphin hotels caught on fire earlier today after suddenly being struck by lightning.

One witness took photos of the construction crane on fire and shared them to Twitter. You can see their images below.

Due to the impending thunderstorm, it seems there were no crews working on the construction site at the time. However, the lightning strike did spark a fire on the crane. The construction site it occurred at is where “The Cove” hotel is being built on property. They’ve been continuing the construction work during the months Walt Disney World has been temporarily closed to the public. It seems the damage is limited to just the crane, but we’ll find out later if there’s an update to the situation.

Also, no guests are currently staying at the Swan and Dolphin since the hotels are closed through July 29, 2020.

In the meantime, this story is still developing. Walt Disney World Resort has not yet released a comment on this matter. We’ll provide an update later if and when Disney releases a statement.

Photo Credit: Twitter @itsaustindoes

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