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Could We See a Change in Disney World’s Refillable Mug Policy When Resorts Reopen?

There are a LOT of changes coming to Disney World as it reopens, and we’re trying to wrap our heads around all of them.

Disney World Refillable Mug

Of course, Disney has talked us through some of the changes that we can expect, but a lot still feels up in the air.

While we’re hearing lots of BIG news, we’re wondering if we’ll see some changes to smaller pieces of our Disney vacation. We’re REALLY wondering about those Refillable Mugs; let’s take a look at what could change!

Disney’s Current Refillable Mug Policy

First, let’s go through a reminder of Disney’s current refillable mug policy. Prior to the closures, guests were able to purchase specific souvenir RFID enabled mugs that would entitle them to unlimited free refills on fountain drinks, coffee, and tea from self-service beverage locations at Disney resorts for the length of their stay.

Grab and Go and Refillable Mugs for Purchase

Guests on the Disney Dining Plan each receive a mug as part of their dining plan. Guests who receive mugs as part of the Dining Plan can have their mugs refilled for the length of stay as well.

Refillable Resort Mugs

These purchase and refill locations are located in food courts, quick service locations, and pool bars at all Disney World resorts. Cast Members at the front desk can always inform you of refill locations around your resort.

Click here to learn more about the refillable mug program! 

What could change?

As you can imagine, these refillable mugs might not be the best thing for limiting touchpoints and keeping the new cleanliness and sanitation standards we’ll see when the parks and resorts reopen. Perhaps, we will see some changes with this policy!

Resort Refillable Mug

For one, self-service might not be a thing anymore. In the already-reopened Disney Springs, employees were usually the ones who filled cups up for customers at locations that previously had self-serve beverages. In this case, there may be no change except that Cast Members will take your refillable mug and fill it for you to reduce contact with the machines.

Another potential solution has already been put to use at Wine Bar George in Disney Springs. The Basket at Wine Bar George typically has a refillable program with Corkcicle cups where you can get discounted refills on their frozen drinks. Now when you order, an employee gets you your refill in a plastic cup that you can then pour into your Corkcicle if you like.

Full Refillable Resort Mug display

If this is the case, we may see the free refills applied with possession of a refillable mug, but not IN your refillable mug. Disney could have Cast Members get your refill in a standard, disposable soda cup.

New Corkcicle Procedure

Another possibility of handling the refillable mug conundrum could be that the system will disappear altogether for a little while. Starbucks typically offers a reuseable mug discount but right now they are NOT serving in those mugs, even though they are still on sale. If Disney follows this model for the resorts, we may see a suspension of the refillable mug program temporarily.

Refillable Mug Station

It certainly will be interesting to see how Disney handles this aspect of reopening. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for updates on refillable mugs and everything else, so stay tuned in to DFB for the latest news!

Click here to learn about the current Corkcicle process at Wine Bar George!

Do you have a Disney World refillable mug? Share your thoughts and concerns in the comments!

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