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Disney Just Dropped ANOTHER Incredible Round of Mega Limited Edition Epcot Posters!

Grab your gear and get ready to travel the world with these limited edition Epcot Pavilion posters!

Spaceship Earth

Fans of Epcot’s World Pavilions, you’ve gotta see these new posters!  We covered the water-inspired attractions of Epcot and now we’re packing our bags and to look at the newest collection from Disney! Canada, Japan, China, and Germany are your destinations for this trip so buckle up and strap yourself in as we take a look at these limited prints by designer Stacey Aoyama.

Before we jump in, we wanted to warn you that there are only 100 posters in stock for each design. So they are VERY limited-edition! UPDATE: It looks like these posters have sold out online. We will let you know if they end up being restocked.

First up we’ve got a beautiful poster dedicated to Canada! We can immediately recognize the trademark Totem Poles that sit outside the pavilion and a gorgeous green and gold color scheme.


Click here to snag the limited edition Canada poster! 

Next, let’s pack up our things and head to Japan! This poster features the iconic pagoda bathed in fireworks.


Click here to purchase the Japan poster! 

The next poster in this limited edition collection is China! A stunning red and gold, this poster showcases the Temple of Heaven and a gorgeously illustrated Chinese Dragon.


Get your very own China Pavilion poster here!! 

Finally, it’s time to end our journey in Germany!  Check out this totally neat reimagining of the German pavilion!


Click here to get the Germany Pavilion poster! 

These four posters are available on shopDisney for $90 each!  Remember, though, they are INCREDIBLY limited so be sure to act fast if you want to snag one for yourself!

Check out MORE limited edition posters here!! 

Have you been collecting these limited edition posters? Let us know in the comments below!

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