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Duffy & Friends share a Friendship-Filled Moment to fans around the world

Duffy & Friends share a Friendship-Filled Moment to fans around the world Duffy & Friends

Duffy & Friends is making our hearts swell by sharing a Friendship-Filled Moment to fans around the world!

Duffy and Friends are a group of beloved characters that are most familiar to the Tokyo Disney Resort, Shanghai Disney Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, and Aulani A Disney Resort and Spa.

Their story is an original Walt Disney Imagineering story, and goes as such; once Mickey Mouse the sailor was going on a long sea voyage from Cape Cod. So he wouldn’t be lonely Minnie Mouse hand-sewed him a sweet teddy bear to keep him company. She gave the bear to Mickey in a duffel bag, which was the inspiration for his name “Duffy.” Along with their great and exciting adventures, Mickey and Duffy make a ton of new friends!

In this video ‘Morning Glory’ you’ll see Duffy and friends (ShellieMay, Gelatoni, StellaLous, CookieAnn, and ‘Olu Mel) plant morning glory seeds in their garden, which was a gift from Mickey! As the plants start to grow, an unexpected problem occurs. Check out the short story to see how Duffy & Friends use love, teamwork, and friendship to solve the problem!

Be a part of Duffy’s adventures by using the hashtag #DuffyandFriends on social media to share your adventures with Duffy and all his friends!

Learn more about Duffy & Friends here


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