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Everything You NEED to Know About Temperature Checks in Disney World

Disney Springs reopened today, becoming the first part of Disney World to do so as the parks remain closed.

Disney Springs

Still, things aren’t quite how they used to be in the dining, retail, and entertainment complex as we’re seeing a good amount of added health and safety measures. One such measure is that all guests and Cast Members are required to undergo temperature screenings. Here was our team’s experience with the temperature checks today!

May 20th marks the day that many Disney Springs locations have reopened for the first time, many with limited hours and modifications to their offerings. To be safely admitted into the complex, guests have to have their temperature taken by a no-touch thermometer. Anyone with a temperature above 100.4 degrees is not allowed to enter Disney Springs.


Today, we visited Disney Springs to see what some of these new health measures look like. The first step to entering Disney Springs is to get your temperature checked. Here’s how the temperature check process worked.

Temperatures are being checked at 4 locations: Orange and Lime garages, along with the Hotel Plaza Boulevard Pedestrian Bridge, and the rideshare location. We arrived at Disney Springs bright and early and the Orange Garage was the only one that was open. After we parked, we headed towards the temperature check station.

Temperature Checks

Temperature checks are being conducted by AdventHealth, thus meaning health professionals are at these health screenings — not just Cast Members.

Advent Health Signage

As we approached the temperature check stations there were signs reminding us of what is required for entry into the complex: face coverings, temperature screening, and physical distancing.


Plus, similar to the opening at Universal Orlando CityWalk, there are markings on the ground to keep guests distanced as they wait for their turn on the temperature checks.

Temperature Screening Queue

We also noticed a few hand sanitizer stations before and after the screening.

Hand Sanitizer

Temperature Screening

When it’s your turn, the AdventHealth employee will take your temperature using a handheld infrared thermometer.

Temperature Screening

Remember, hats off for this part! The thermometers have to be pointed directly at your forehead so anything that covers that part of your face will have to come off.

Hats Off!

As long as you pass your temperature check (that’s below 100.4 degrees), you’re good to enter the complex! If you don’t pass, you will head to a rescreening tent where you can sit and cool off. If your temperature is still 100.4F  when they test you again, you and the rest of your party will not be allowed into Disney Springs.

Temperature Screening


Overall, the process was very quick. We found it to be even quicker than some of our experiences with bag checks when entering the parks. While this is a new and different experience to undergo at Disney World, the Advent Health employee helped us feel comfortable. We even saw a little boy even got a round of applause when he passed!

Temperature Checks

Then it was on to Disney Springs!

To Disney Springs!

Keep following along with us today as we continue our exploration of a reopened Disney Springs! And if you have any questions about the screening, please ask us and we will do our best to get the answers you need.

What do you think about the temperature check process at Disney Springs? Tell us in the comments!

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