FuelRod creates legacy program to receive Free Swaps

FuelRod creates legacy program to receive Free Swaps fuel rod

FuelRod announces the availability of the “Founders” status in recognition of the continued support and loyalty of the most valued customers and “early adopters” (*) of FuelRod’s world-first, power-on-the-go program. The creation of the “Founders” status also resolves pending litigation against it pertaining to changes in its policies regarding charges for swapping its devices.  As a Founder, the customer can continue to enjoy free, unlimited swaps at any FuelRod kiosks. There is no cost to eligible customers to become a Founder.

Once verified, Founders will use the FuelRod app in conjunction with the kiosks to obtain free swaps under the program. The app will generate a scannable QR code that will be input at the kiosk at the time of the swap. The kiosk will then allow Founders to swap their existing FuelRods for free, even at kiosks that charge to swap.

FuelRod creates legacy program to receive Free Swaps

All existing FuelRod customers are encouraged to verify their eligibility by completing a simple questionnaire at

NOTE: Upon verification, the customer must create an account on the FuelRod Mobile app using the same email address as indicated in the questionnaire before their “Founders” status can be automatically activated.

If the customer doesn’t already have the FuelRod app on their smartphone, they must download it and create their account using the same email address as indicated in the questionnaire.

If the customer has already created an account on the FuelRod mobile app using the verified email address, they need to make sure that it’s been updated to v2.1.0 or later.

* To qualify, purchase must have been made before 10/26/2019 and must not have been subsequently refunded in full.

** The litigation was pending in the United States District Court for the Southern District of California, Case No. 3:19-cv-02060-MMA-JLB before the Hon. Michael M. Anello. Plaintiff was represented by James J. Rosemergy of Carey, Danis & Lowe in St. Louis, Missouri. Defendant was represented by Timothy M. Flaherty and David M. Perl of Clark Hill in San Francisco, California. For any questions or assistance in verifying and activating their account, customers can call FuelRod’s customer service number (844) 383-5763, or send email to

*** For the duration of your Founder status in good standing; limited to a) First-Generation FuelRods only; b) one mobile device; and c) one user account per Founder.

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