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Here’s How to Have an EPIC Disney Pool Party in Your Backyard!

Warm weather means more time outside! And since we’re spending way more time at home, our pools may be getting a lot more love this summer (even if they’re the tiny inflatable kind!). You may be heading outside to work on your tan or to throw the ultimate backyard barbecue, but don’t leave that pool neglected!

A Dip in Your Resort Pool May Be Just the Break Your Day Needs!

Let’s throw one EPIC at-home Disney pool party! We found swimsuits, towels, pool toys, and more that will guarantee your pool will be your favorite destination this summer!

Swimsuit up!

First thing’s first, you gotta dress for the occasion! That means swimsuits for the whole family! We all have our favorite go-to Disney everyday outfits, but do you have a Disney pool outfit? 

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Luckily for you, we found some super cute and chic swimsuits, starting with this scoop neck swimsuit for juniors! Minnie Mouse is sporting some serious poolside style with her sunglasses and bow! It’s priced at $49.99.

Shop for this stylish scoop neck swimsuit here!

We also found THE cutest Mickey Mouse ruffle swimsuit at Torrid! Who’s the leader of the pool club?

© Torrid

YOU are when you rock this look all summer long! This one-piece swimsuit is $99.50.

Shop for the Mickey Mouse ruffle swimsuit here!

And for guys, don’t worry about being left out! We found a fun way to match at the pool this summer.

© Disney

These Mickey Mouse swim trunks are the perfect touch of Disney style (and Mickey’s even got his shades on ready to hit the pool). You can get it for $34.99.

Be the coolest Mouse at the pool with these swim trunks!

Give your feet some love!

Keep your feet safe AND chic with some Disney flip flops. Havaianas has given us some of our favorite Disney flippies over the years, and we found a couple of pairs that will match just about any pool look.

© Zappos

The first pair up are these Mickey Mouse flip flops for women. You can rep Mickey from head to toe! These flip flops are $26.00.

Grab a pair of these Mickey Mouse flip flops by Havaianas here!

But we all know ONE pair of flip flops isn’t enough! You need options! So we went ahead and found another cute pair of Havaianas for all you Minnie fans out there.

© Disney

We’re obsessed with the color of these flip flops — they’re super tropical, complete with flamingos! These cuties are $30.00.

Step into poolside style with these Havaiana flip flops!

Get the party started with these pool toys and party activities!

We all know that for some folks, laying on your towel is all the pool interaction you need to slip into paradise. But for those who are looking for a little more recreation, we got you! After all, it’s not an EPIC pool party if you don’t have some fun toys and activities for the pool!

© Amazon

Dive “Under the Sea” like in The Little Mermaid or float in space like Star Wars! If you’re looking for a challenge, this Little Mermaid catch and dive toy set adds the perfect Disney touch! Turn it into a competition amongst your family! You can get these for $20.88.

Shop for the Little Mermaid pool toy set here!

Get ready for your pool to transform into a galaxy far, far away with this next set of toys! We found a Star Wars inflatable ball set that would be perfect for your epic pool party.

© Amazon

Each set comes with R2D2, BB8, and a rather cute Death Star. The set of 3 is $39.99.

Stock up on this Star Wars inflatable ball set for your backyard pool party here!

When you’re tired from all those fun and games and you want to just kick back and relax, don’t just chill on any old, tired float! Keep the Star Wars party going with this Millennium Falcon pool float!

© Amazon

The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy is now the most relaxing hunk of junk in your pool! You can get this uber awesome float for $59.99.

Blast off with this Millennium Falcon pool float!

Let’s keep the Star Wars theme going because we KNOW there are lots of you out there who just love all things Star Wars! We also found this adorable BB8 pool float that would make a great companion to any pool party.

© Amazon

You can get your very own for $24.98.

Get your very own BB8 pool float here!

We all know an epic pool party is more than just toys and cute swimsuits. Sure, that’s a good start, but you need some food and drinks that’ll keep the party going all afternoon long! Why not make your epic pool party an epic backyard barbecue?

© Super Hero Stuff

While you’re at it, keep your drinks safe (and perhaps a bit on the dark side) with this Darth Vader can cooler! Get your own can cooler for $12.99.

Make sure your beverages are ready to party with this Darth Vader can cooler!

Wrap up in a cozy towel

When it’s time to get out of the pool, obviously you’ll need a fresh set of Disney towels to dry off! And if your idea of an epic pool party looks more like lounging instead of swimming, you’ll still need a stylish towel to lay on! Either way, we found some cute Disney towels to add to your collection.

© Amazon

For the kiddos, this Mickey Mouse towel is perfect for an afternoon at the pool! Get your very own for $29.99.

Shop for this Mickey Mouse towel here!

This next towel really makes a STATEMENT. That’s because this Star Wars towel is OVERSIZED.

© Super Hero Stuff

So stretch out and relax, or wrap yourself up three times over — either way, your love of Star Wars will be loud and proud. This towel is priced at $34.99.

Shop for this oversized Star Wars towel here!

Do you find yourself coming back to the water, no matter how hard you try?

© Target

As the weather gets hotter and hotter it’s only going to get more difficult to say no to an afternoon by the pool, so embrace your destiny like Moana with this fun towel for $10.00.

Shop for this cute Moana towel here!

Whether you have a full-sized swimming pool or a sprinkler that you can run around in, we hope you have some ways of staying cool this summer! With all of us spending more time in our backyards this year, it’s more important now than ever before to show our patio, lawn, and pool some love! That also extends to us to make sure we’re dressed in true Disney style. So lather up on sunscreen and enjoy the warm weather!

See how to throw a mega cool Disney Backyard BBQ here!! 

What are your pool party MUST haves? Let us know in the comments!

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