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Jack Skellington’s Escape Room Online Learning Class

Jack Skellington's Escape Room

Are your kids bored at home? Why not sign them up for Jack Skellington’s Escape Room that teaches life skills?

Join the rescue team to stop the wicked genius, Jack Skellington, and return Santa from the frightening world of Halloween Town.

The Pumpkin King (Jack Skellington) has Santa locked in an abandoned warehouse, holding him hostage. Skellington’s one mistake, however, was letting his arrogance take over. He has left Santa trapped but has allowed him to be rescued if someone can solve 5 puzzles he left behind. He was so sure of his superior wisdom, that he knew no one could solve them all. You and your rescue team have found the secret way to Halloween Town and must outwit the Pumpkin King! Get through his puzzles, break out Santa, and get him back to Christmas Town before Christmas is ruined.

To finish this Escape Room with time left it will take TEAM WORK, PROBLEM SOLVING, PERSEVERANCE, and CRITICAL THINKING! This escape room has five unique puzzles meant to test all members of the team. This may be the most difficult escape room I have to date, so be ready!! Oh yeah! The best part! PARENTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO HELP!! I know you’re dying to sit in on this one!! So, it can be a fun, family holiday experience!!

After finding the way into Halloween Town, the first puzzle is a complex lock to even enter the abandoned warehouse where Santa is being kept. After that, the rescue team is met with a large metal door with a touch screen on it. There is a design that needs to be drawn onto it for the door to open. Once through the metal door, you enter a room with no doors or windows, but a wall of letter wheels to be put in just the right positions. If you pass the third puzzle, the wall will raise up to reveal a stone wall with hidden etchings. Figure what you need to do to which stone to enter the safe room where Santa is being kept. Only the best problem solvers will get Santa out of his enclosed vault.

Click here to learn more and to sign up. Sorry adults, it is only for kids age 11-16.

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