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Learn about Planetary Science from Star Wars

Planetary science

Rejoice! You may know more than you realize about astronomy and planetary science. For young students at home, there is an online introductory  class that teaches planetary science using iconic planets of the Star Wars universe as classroom models. Who would have guessed that watching Star Wars movies would pay off in real life education?

The one-time online course teaches about solar system formation, the habitable zone, exoplanets, and how size impacts a planet’s habitability. The class discusses the feasibility of line on planets such as the ocean world Kamino, the frozen Hoth, multi-sun planets like Tatooine, and more.

Have you wondered why there is diversity in planet types in our universe? Want to know why Tattoine is hot and Hoth is cold? This class helps break down the fundamentals of planetary science so you can understand what fascinates astrobiologists.

The course is a one-time class for students in the 9-14 age range. The course lasts for a duration of 50 minutes and costs $17 to partake. The video chat course is offered on the Outschool website and you can learn more about it here.

Having a better understanding of the solar system might make your trip to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge feel more fun in the future!


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