Luke Evans Shares Update on “Gaston and LeFou” Disney+ Series

Luke Evans Shares Update on “Gaston and LeFou” Disney+ Series

Luke Evans Shares Update on “Gaston and LeFou” Disney+ Series. Beauty and the Beast and The Hobbit star, Luke Evans, has not only confirmed rumors that a Gaston and LeFou based series is coming to Disney+, he has shared some exciting updates regarding the secretive project!

Evans opened up during an interview with Collider, stating: “Josh and I, even when we were working on Beauty and the Beast, I recall, as two human beings, we liked each other a lot. We made each other laugh, we respected each other’s talent, and we had a great time. Even then, we were talking about what we could do and wanting to find another project. We’ve been searching, for the last several years, projects and scripts and ideas and concepts.

In the back of our minds, we definitely had thoughts about revisiting Gaston and LeFou in a different story, obviously. So, when the idea really came to fruition and we got on board some incredible writers, and Josh, especially, had an incredible idea that, once it was born, it just flew itself. And when we pitched the idea to Disney+, they were very excited about it.

Now, we’re in fully fledged development. The second and third episodes have been written and we’ve heard some of the music by Alan Menken. We’re just so honored to have him on board, writing the music, which is extraordinary, in itself. We feel so lucky to have this talented group of people creating a story about two much loved and much hated characters, but that’s the excitement. There are a lot of questions about, where we will start? What we will tell? Who are these people? When you visit them, where will they be? So, it’s going to be a really fun experience. Me and Josh are literally vibrating with excitement to shoot it.”

Luke Evans Shares Update on “Gaston and LeFou” Disney+ Series

When pressed for more information, Luke was quick to prevent any spoiler for the series but dud share, “No human being is one layer. There are many, many chapters to our lives, and they all inform the character and who we are. There’s a lot of intrigue, as to who these people might have been, and how they became who they were. But you’ll just have to wait to see. I’m not going to spoil it for you.”

At the helm of the ‘Beauty and the Beast‘ prequel series are veteran Disney writers, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. If those names sound familiar that’s because they are the writers for ABC’s hit television series Once Upon a Time. The pair has had a bit of experience writing Beauty and the Beast related content with that story being an integral part of the series and a major arc of redemption for the character Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle).

Both Josh Gad (LeFou) and Luke Evans (Gaston) are set to reprise their roles for the series, with rumors that Emma Watson (Belle) and Dan Stevens (Beast/Prince Adam) may appear in guest appearance roles. It is currently unknown if other cast members such as Ewan McGregor (Lumiere), Kevin Klein (Maurice), Emma Thompson (Mrs. Potts), Ian McKellan (Cogsworth), and others will join the 6-episode series.

THR reports that Kitsis, Horowitz, and Gad will be writing and producing the series for Disney+. With Alan Menken now confirmed to be working on music for the series, we feel the stories within the series will feel rather cinematic in their own right. We can not wait to see what is in store.

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