Make your own Disney Avatar

Disney avatar

Since the latest Facebook craze is to create your own  avatar, we’re revisiting a Disney version of this trend. Sure, you can make the standard avatar like others you see online, but why settle for ordinary? Wouldn’t you rather have a unique representation of yourself with some Disney flair? Today, we’re talking about how you can “Disney Yourself” by making your own Disney avatar.

Those interested in making their own Disney avatar can click here.

It’s really a simple process, but you can take your time in trying out different designs while creating your avatar. You can customize the skin color, hair color, eyes, clothes, and accessories on your character. Some of the outfit choices allow you to dress up your character as Mickey, Donald, or Minnie. Even the background choices give you the opportunity to feature your avatar in front of recognizable Disney locations.

Making your own avatar helps to serve as a way to express your personality. Let people know your Disney fandom by creating one of these avatars. While you’re at it, explore the other categories for more Disney games and entertainment.

We hope you have creative fun when you “Disney Yourself” with this online offering!

Source: Disney

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