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Move Over Pork Rinds — There’s a NEW Special Menu Item at The Polite Pig in Disney World!

Why, it seems like only yesterday we stopped by The Polite Pig and tried their new Pork Rinds, all in the name of science, of course! ?

Pork Rinds

Oh, wait! That’s because we DID visit The Polite Pig in Disney Springs since it has officially reopened.

Feasting on a big pile of fried, crispy Pork Rinds served with pimento cheese sauce was heaven for us, but we were too early to try this new Chef’s Special The Polite Pig has just posted on their Instagram — it’s Shrimp and Grits! Look at all those yummy smoked grilled shrimp covered with a honey peppercorn glaze served over a bed of creamy cheddar grits!

Chef’s Special at © The Polite Pig (Photo Taken from Their Instagram)

We’ll definitely have to make our way over to give them a taste! And guess what we found out yesterday while we were walking around Dinsey Springs — one of our favorite restaurants is getting a brand new outdoor patio bar! Check it out here!

Have you tried The Polite Pig in Disney Springs? Let us know in the comments below! 

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