New paint job at Cinderella Castle is almost complete

New paint job at Cinderella Castle is almost complete Cinderella Castle

We previously reported on how Cinderella Castle is receiving a magical makeover this year. We saw Disney start work on the castle back in March, and it’s amazing how much the appearance has changed already. The great news is it looks like the magical makeover is almost complete!

The castle’s paintwork is the first sign of progress we’ve seen so far. The blue spires show the most noticeable paintwork so far. It went from a baby clue to a vibrant royal blue color. This bold color choice gives a vibrant appearance to the top of the castle. Also, the inner curtain, which is what we call the interior section of Cinderella Castle, is getting a rose gold paint treatment. It’s a subtle color choice, but it definitely adds a pop of color to a traditionally grey castle.

New paint job at Cinderella Castle is almost complete

The last time we saw Cinderella Castle up close was in March. But now other Disney fans have observed signs that the magical makeover is still being worked on at Magic Kingdom. We can see that the crew has advanced in painting and that we’re getting closer to seeing the finished product!
What do you think of the new blue and pink paint on Cinderella Castle? It’ll be exciting to see the finished product once the magical makeover is complete.

Photo Credit: Bioreconstruct Twitter

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