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One of Our MANY Questions About Disney World’s Food and Wine Festival Might Have Been ANSWERED!

Since Disney World closed in mid-March, we had wondered how different the parks and experiences would be upon reopening. One of those experiences we had a ton of questions about was the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival.

2019 Epcot Food and Wine Festival

Based on our trip today to Disney Springs, we have gained some insight on how the festival may be a bit different this fall!

We stopped by the Daily Poutine (because we obviously needed cheese and gravy after all these months inside!), and as we went to grab our fork to dig into our delicious boat of french fries, gravy, and cheese curds, we noticed something a bit different about the utensil dispenser!

Daily Poutine at Disney Springs

The utensil dispensers are set up now so you do not have to come in contact with any surface that another person may have touched. Before, the utensil dispensers commonly had a lever on the side that everyone needed to push to receive a new utensil. Here’s the old style:

Old Style Fork Dispenser

And the NEW:

New sanitary utensil dispenser at Daily Poutine

Now, you just pull out your individual utensil and off you go! The ONLY thing you will be touching is the handle of the utensil that YOU will use! After you pull out your fork, another handle pops out!

New sanitary utensil dispenser at Daily Poutine

The utensils themselves look a little different too and are designed in a way to fit in these new dispensers.

Fork from the new utensil dispensers

Looking ahead to the Food and Wine Festival, we wouldn’t be surprised if these new dispensers were placed at each one of the outdoor food booths! We can probably expect to see these at counter service locations when the parks reopen, too.

Check out some of the other health and safety procedures we’ve witnessed at Disney Springs here!

What other health and safety procedures to you expect to see at this year’s Food and Wine Festival? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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