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PHOTOS! We Were Shocked By the Lack of Memorial Day Crowds in Disney Springs!

We’ve been visiting Disney Springs every day since its reopening on May 20 to bring you the latest on Disney World’s shopping and dining district. Overall, we have noticed pretty low crowds on most days!

Disney Springs

We weren’t sure what we would see today on Memorial Day, but once again Disney Springs is super quiet! Just take a look at these photos!

Typically, the Memorial Day holiday weekend is among the busier times of the year for Disney World. So this is a stark contrast to crowds we’re used to seeing!

Disney Springs

The weather seems to be playing a big role today, too. Rain is forecasted for much of the day.

A seemingly empty Disney Springs

This scene may be very different on Wednesday, May 27, when World of Disney is scheduled to reopen. We will be sure to report on those crowds so we can compare them.

World of Disney

There were even places in Disney Springs today where we didn’t see a single person!

A quiet Disney Springs!

Walking around outside, it almost looked like Disney Springs was still closed!

Disney Springs

Crowd levels overall seem to be remaining relatively low as Disney Springs continues to reopen its retail shops and restaurants. We’ll see if this pattern changes in the coming weeks, especially as we anticipate some news from Disney this week in regard to a proposed reopening of the parks. 

Have you visited Disney Springs yet since it reopened? Do you plan on doing so in the coming weeks? Let us know in the comments.

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