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Review! Are Killer Fries Enough to Make Us Love Planet Hollywood in Disney World?

We’ve been eating our way around all the newly reopened restaurants at Disney Springs. Now it’s time to take a trip over to Disney Springs’ local observatory, Planet Hollywood to see how the food has fared since reopening.

Planet Hollywood

While we’ve already taken you with us to Terralina Crafted Italian, Morimoto Asia, The Polite Pig, and more, we’re heading back to Flavortown to see if the food is a hit or miss.

We’re typically cautiously optimistic when we eat at Planet Hollywood. The food is ok. Is it the BEST food in Disney Springs? Nah, probably not. But, there’s a decent variety offered here, and with Guy Fieri designing much of the menu, the food has his unique flair to it. Want mac and cheese on your burger? They got that. Want not one but THREE kinds of fries with your meal? Yep, got that too. Those big, crazy milkshakes in a mason jar? You get it. ?

But while the menu boasts some unique options, we’ve been largely underwhelmed by this spot in the past. Would this trip change our minds?


If you’ve never been to Planet Hollywood, it’s right across from the AMC Theatres! As we walked inside the restaurant, we spotted multiple health and safety guidelines from the get-go. There are hand-sanitizing stations and hand-sanitizer canisters placed around the area for guests and Cast Members to use.

Hand-Sanitizing Stations

There were social distancing stickers placed on the ground before you greeted the hostess at the front with a plexiglass barrier.

Planet Hollywood Entrance

Since Planet Hollywood also has two stories, there are distancing markers on the ground leading upstairs as well! (Wave hi to Chewie on your way up to your table!!)


If you’ve never been here before, be sure to stop and check out some of the movie memorabilia on the walls. They have some REALLY unique props and costumes from some of your favorite movies and it’s totally worth checking out.

Inconceivable! They Have Princess Bride Costumes on Display!

Although seating is available inside the restaurants so you can watch some movies while you eat on the domed ceiling…

Planet Hollywood Indoor Seating

…we decided to enjoy the sunshine on the rooftop since outdoor seating is currently open as well.

Planet Hollywood Outdoor Seating

Time to eat!


Planet Hollywood has a limited menu at the moment, and your server will provide you with a paper menu to look at while you decide what you want to snack on!

Planet Hollywood Menu

The restaurant is using wrapping cutlery wrapped in napkins, so there’s no contact!


The drinks are in glass cups that the servers are careful to touch minimally…

Water Glass

…and the restaurant is also using compostable straws in drinks.

Compostable Straw

Our server told us that since it’s been very quiet at the restaurant and there’s a limited menu, our food would come out pretty quickly after it’s ordered. And, boy was she right! We received our whole meal within a few minutes of placing our order (!!!). It was CRAZY fast!

Our Meal!


First up, we ordered a frosty drink. The B-A-N-A-N-A-S Boozy Milkshake for $17.99 used to be known as the Space Monkey, but now it appears to be named after Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl” (because why not??). The milkshake is served in a souvenir glass and mixed up with Cruzan coconut rum, banana liqueur, coconut purée, and chocolate milk.

B-A-N-A-N-A-S Milkshake

Although it might be a milkshake, B-A-N-A-N-A-S tasted more like a banana piña colada! While the name implied a LOT of banana flavor, it was more of a coconut and chocolate drink with just a hint of banana.

B-A-N-A-N-A-S Milkshake

We would have loved to had a stronger banana flavor, but we still thought the “cocktail” (it’s more like a dessert tbh) was smooth and sweet!

B-A-N-A-N-A-S Milkshake

This drink is pretty hefty sized though, so be careful not to fill up on shake instead of food! ?


We tried the “Bird Is the Word” Chicken Sandwich, which reminded us of a Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich! You can grab this for $17.99. The sandwich was piled with fried chicken, buttermilk ranch dressing, hot honey sauce, pickles, cheddar cheese, and cole slaw.

Bird is the Word Chicken Sandwich

Although we’re big fans of the chicken sandwiches you can get at Chicken Guy! or Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ right around the corner, the “Bird Is The Word” was still very tasty!

Bird is the Word Chicken Sandwich

The honey was the most prominent part of the sandwich, which gave a hint of spiciness to the sandwich. We thought there could have been a bigger punch of spiciness to balance things out. Buuut, we did LOVE all the pickles on top!

Bird is the Word Chicken Sandwich

IF you’re not a fan of spice, this should still be enjoyable for you. We picked up way more sweetness than spice on this one! We do have to say, though, that Planet Hollywood’s fries ROCKED!!


These are Guy Fieri’s Triple Fries which basically means they dump three styles of fries in the frier instead of one. We ain’t complainin’. We had standard french fries, waffle fries, and filmstrip type fries in our mix. They were delightfully seasoned and crispy, which complimented the sweetness of the chicken sandwich.


If you want to add some ketchup to your fries, your server will currently give you packets instead of a bottle.

Ketchup Packets

We’ll give credit where credit is due — the fries here are legit. They’re REALLY good.


At this time, Planet Hollywood isn’t using checkbooks, so your server will bring your check out on a plate with a towelette.


And, before you leave, you can also use hand-sanitizer located at the tables inside Planet Hollywood!


Nosh or Not

Consider dining at Planet Hollywood if:

  • You’d like to experience a unique atmosphere. Planet Hollywood has an array of movie memorabilia (like Chewbacca’s costume) that you can look at.
  • You want approachable comfort food like burgers, pastas, more.
  • You want a fun experience for your whole family! While grown-ups may be able to enjoy the cleverly named menu items a little more than the kids, your whole party can enjoy the entertainment at Planet Hollywood. Whether you want to watch movies while you eat or have a beautiful view of Disney Springs at night, there’s something for everyone here.

Planet Hollywood Server

You may want to skip Planet Hollywood if:

  • You are looking for really great, unique food. Disney Springs has a lot of awesome places that just have better eats and drinks — to put it simply. If you want a chicken sandwich like the one we had during our visit, we recommend visiting Chicken Guy! or Homecomin’ instead for some awesome options.
  • You want something on the cheaper side. While Planet Hollywood is not as expensive as other places like The Boathouse or Wine Bar George, it still can be pricey. Plus, for the food you’re getting, you can get better options at quick-service locations for a lower price.

Planet Hollywood Meal


So is it our favorite restaurant in all of Disney Springs now? Nope, sorry guys. BUT, we still enjoyed our meal. Planet Hollywood checks a lot of boxes for certain families looking for a unique meal in Disney Springs, which we can appreciate. We LOVED the crazy quick service and the fact that our server was a total sweetheart. However, our meal was just okay for the price we paid. But, we would totally go back to Planet Hollywood just to have another basket of fries all to ourselves. ?

Do note that Planet Hollywood closed again. While we don’t know when they will be reopening, we will be sure to keep you updated. You can read about this closure here.

These are the 5 restaurants you should skip during your next trip to Disney World!

What is your favorite thing to eat at Planet Hollywood? Let us know in the comments below!

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