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Review: We’re Checking Out Starbucks New Safety Process in Disney World with their “Welcome Back” Drink!

Good morning from Disney Springs! It’s been a long time since we were here!

Starbucks at Disney Springs Today

We’ve been walking around checking out what’s new (umm, the new Homecomin’ Shine Bar & Social, anyone?!?) but now it’s time to duck in line for a quick Starbucks!

Starbucks has placed markers for where guests should stand. The line wraps around itself allowing plenty of space for everyone waiting to socially distance.

Starbucks at Disney Springs Today

We noticed this Starbucks location still had Reusable Cups for sale BUT…

Starbucks is Still Selling Its Reusable Cups

…a sign at the cash registers said Starbucks is not allowing the use of these cups at this time.

Starbucks Sign

When it was our turn, the friendly Starbucks employee who took our order was wearing a face mask — as was everyone behind the counter.

Starbucks at Disney Springs Today

And here’s what we’re getting! It’s called the Welcome Back — a specialty drink Starbucks is serving today made from mango, dragonfruit refresher, coconut milk, strawberries, blackberries, and pineapple ginger syrup topped with golden ginger whipped cream!

Starbucks Menu

Starbucks still had its card readers out as a payment option, but if you want to go touchless, download the Starbucks app! That way, you can pay without touching any buttons — the employee will just scan your phone instead!

Starbucks at Disney Springs Today

Instead of everyone waiting around the window area for their drinks to be made, a Starbucks barista passes each person their drink.

Starbucks at Disney Springs Today

And here it is — our Welcome Back! It’s such a pretty bright PINK drink against the deep blue sky! It looks so good, even the LEGO Loch Ness Monster is eyeballing it! Paws off, Nessie!

Welcome Back

Talk about such a warm welcome back — except that this is a cold drink!  The fruity flavors pair so nicely! If you’re looking for something refreshing, definitely check it out!

Welcome Back

The Welcome Back costs $6.85 before tax, and we hope it sticks around for a while so that you’ll be able to try it next time you visit Disney Springs.

Are you looking forward to trying the new Welcome Back drink at Starbucks? Let us know in the comments below!

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