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Review! We’re Fired Up for Pizza — AND Dessert Knots! — at Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza in Disney Springs

Welcome back to Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza in Disney Springs!

Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza in Disney Springs

This isn’t our first stop back here since Blaze reopened on May 20th. We paid a visit to this popular quick service pizza joint to check out their new safety measures upon reopening. Today, we’re heading back to pick up a pie (and perhaps a little something sweet) for a full review!

So, get ready to fire it up with us at Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza once again!


The new safety measures — which you can read about in full here — remain in place, of course, since reopening day. Among them are markers on the floor to promote physical distancing, and face masks are required for cast members (as they are for guests, as well, all throughout Disney Springs).

Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza

And the good folks at Blaze would like to remind you of a very important message: “Trust me, underneath that mask I’m smiling.”

Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza

As always, guests seat themselves. However, select tables are marked off with clever signs to further encourage distancing between guests.

Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza seating

Blaze Pizza

If you’ve visited Blaze before, you may remember the refillable drink station (which holds some fairly unique options for guests, including selections by Blue Sky).

Drink station

Drink station

Though the refill station is marked off from guests at the moment, you can show your receipt to the cast member at the beverage station and they can help set you up with your refill from there.

Cast Member at Drink Station

You can also make requests for utensils and condiments (which were previously up for grabs at carts). Again, you can check out even more of the new measures implemented at Blaze by clicking here. But now, it’s time for…


It’s all in the name at Blaze Fast-Fire’d PIZZA!

Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza

Except…not entirely.  We’ve been interested in trying the recently added Knots here, too.

Dessert and Dough Knots signs

You can go sweet or savory with the Dessert Knots (with Cinnamon & Sugar) or Dough Knots (Mozzarella & Garlic Pesto).

Dough Knots

Since we were going seriously savory with our pizza, we ordered up the Dessert Knots (four for $4.25) along with our Meat Eater Pizza ($9.95)!

Meat Eater Pizza

The Meat Eater — one of the spot’s Signature Pizzas — comes complete with pepperoni, meatballs (!!), red onion, mozzarella cheese, and a classic Red Sauce. We went with the Original Dough, but remember to “Know Your Dough” options when it comes to picking your pizza at Blaze! (And just a reminder that High-Rise and Gluten-Free dough are each $2.00 more.)

Know Your Dough

The Meat Eater is one of the two most popular pizza options here. (We were told the Build Your Own Pizza, as we expected, also ranks up at the top.) And it completely lives up to its name with TONS of meat from the plentiful pepperoni and meatballs.

Meat Eater Pizza

It’s seriously hearty. And, just like literally every other pizza we’ve had here, it’s also super tasty! Plenty of fresh toppings cover every inch of the pizza while the crust is nicely finished with a terrific char.

Meat Eater Pizza

We ordered the Meat Eater Pizza exactly as it comes, but next time we’d opt to add more veggies to balance it out a bit more. (Remember, customizing is welcome and even encouraged at Blaze!)

Meat Eater Pizza

To wash it down, we went with the fresh and fruity Blackberry Basil Agua Fresca. It’s one of the unique beverage flavors here, which also include Lemonades such as Blood Orange.

Blackberry Basil Agua Fresca

Agua Fresca and Lemonades

Oh, and aside from the drink, here’s a look at the new strawless lids in use here, which serve to reduce single-use plastic straws.

Blackberry Basil Agua Fresca

And NOW it’s time to finish it all off with those Cinnamon and Sugar Dessert Knots!

Dessert Knots

The Dessert Knots are totally yummy, with plenty of cinnamon baked into the thick dough rolls. Sure, we could use a little more icing (which is always the case with us here at the DFB for any cinnamon roll-style treat  ) , but the “fast-fire’d” baking process gives these knots a unique twist (if you’ll pardon the pun).

Dessert Knots

But we do have one suggestion…

Dessert Knots

If you plan to order these, do so after you finish eating your pizza to enjoy on their own. We waited to have them as dessert, and while they were still very good, we think they should be eaten right away while at their fresh-from-the-oven best!

And that’s the latest from Blaze!

Nosh or Not

Fire up for a visit to Blaze if:

  • You LOVE oodles of options for customizing your pizza.
  • You’re looking for a lot of pizza bang for your buck!
  • You simply love a tasty pizza pie. (And really… who doesn’t??)

Blaze on by if:

  • You already have a Blaze Fast-Fired Pizza in your hometown and would prefer to dine somewhere unique to Disney Springs.
  • You’d like to linger a bit after your meal. This popular spot often has lots of guests hoping to snag a seat.


Our latest visit to Blaze only serves to reminds us exactly why this place is so popular with locals and Disney Springs cast members as well as guests. Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza serves up consistently fresh, tasty, and totally customizable pizza — along with some fun options for snacks or dessert — at great prices. There’s a reason why you’ll often spot a line outside this popular location.. and even if you do have to wait a little bit during your visit, we’ve found Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza is always worth it!

Is Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza one of your favorite stops in Disney Springs? Please let us know with a comment!

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