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Review! We’re Sippin’ on TWO New Summer-Themed Drinks at Starbucks in Disney World!

We thought finding these new neon yellow MagicBands at World of Disney this morning would be the highlight of our day!

Summer Specials

But that was before we realized the Marketplace Starbucks in Disney Springs had not one, but TWO new summer drink specials!

Don’t worry if you haven’t gotten the chance to partake in Starbucks’ other new drinks including the Welcome Back and Love is Love! They’re still available!

Starbucks Menu

But today we’re setting out to explore the new Campfire Cold Brew and Picnic Punch that have just appeared! We gotta say — both of these drinks look and SMELL absolutely amazing! We can’t wait to see how they taste!

Campfire Cold Brew and Picnic Punch

First up, the new Campfire Cold Brew featuring Starbucks’ signature nitro cold brew blended with milk chocolate topped with a marshmallow cold foam and graham cracker crumbs! Before tax, this one set us back $7.35.

Campfire Cold Brew

We didn’t pick up much of the marshmallow or milk chocolate because the richness of the cold brew was so powerful! If you like a strong cold coffee drink with just a hint of sweetness, we think you should definitely give the Campfire Cold Brew a try! If you want it a little sweeter, ask for more foam on top or an extra pump of chocolate syrup to help those flavors stand out a little more!

Campfire Cold Brew

Next, we sampled the new Picnic Punch! This one’s a pineapple matcha drink that comes topped with a strawberry sweet cream cold foam and costs $7.40 before tax!

Picnic Punch

We seemed to think the flavors of this drink were a little more to our liking! The creamy strawberry foam was super yummy and it’s the exact same foam they’re using for the Love is Love drink which to us kinda taste like delicious melty strawberry ice cream!

Picnic Punch

Although we don’t normally reach for iced green tea drinks, the strawberry cream seemed to mask some of the matcha’s bitterness.

That means there are a total of FOUR new drinks to try at Starbucks in Disney Springs now, so ya best get movin’!

Have you tried one of Starbucks’ new specialty drinks this summer? Let us know which ones you’ve had in the comments below!

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